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Force vim to use specific file type

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

I recently download the glsl syntax highlighting plugin for vim. It perfectly recognizes my .vert and .frag files. But as soon as I added the line:

#version 120

vim starting thinking the filetype was not glsl but conf.

The cause seems to be that the glsl plugin suggests a rather weak form of recognizing the filetype. Adding the following to your .vimrc file

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.frag,*.vert,*.fp,*.vp,*.glsl setf glsl 

When instead to override whatever vim is doing to think that the file is conf you must use the only slightly different

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.frag,*.vert,*.fp,*.vp,*.glsl set filetype=glsl

SIGGRAPH titles tag cloud

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Recently I posted a list of over 4000 SIGGRAPH technical papers titles. I thought it would be cool to visualize the popular words with a tag cloud. The results are not so surprising, but still interesting to look at.

3d algorithm analysis animation applications approach art artist automatic based color complex computer control curves data deformation design digital display dynamic editing education efficient environments fast field generation geometric geometry global graphics hardware human illumination image interactive interface language light mapping mesh method modeling motion objects panel processing programming ray real-time reality reconstruction reflectance rendering representation sampling session shape simulation solid space subdivision surfaces synthesis system techniques texture tracing user video virtual visualization volume
created at

Basic OpenGL Cocoa App using C

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

I’m rewriting this tutorial for Xcode 4 on Mac OS X 10.6. For whatever reason when I tried it on my computer it gave compilation errors. The only thing I change is the code inside and glView.h

– create a new Cocoa Application
– ceate glView.h/glView.m
– copy and paste in this code and save files
– add frameworks: QuartzCore and OpenGL
– open up MainMenu.xib
– drag Custom View into main window and resize to fill window
– set the autosizing of view to have the two inner arrows on so it resizes automatically with the window
– set the class of the Custom View to be glView
– save nib
– go back to Xcode and run project

Should show a yellow window. Here’s the code:


#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

// for display link
#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>

@interface glView : NSOpenGLView
  CVDisplayLinkRef displayLink;
  double    deltaTime;
  double    outputTime;
  float    viewWidth;
  float    viewHeight;


#import "glView.h"

@interface glView (InternalMethods)

- (CVReturn)getFrameForTime:(const CVTimeStamp *)outputTime;
- (void)drawFrame;


@implementation glView

#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Display Link

static CVReturn MyDisplayLinkCallback(CVDisplayLinkRef displayLink, const CVTimeStamp *now,
                                      const CVTimeStamp *outputTime, CVOptionFlags flagsIn,
                                      CVOptionFlags *flagsOut, void *displayLinkContext)
  // go back to Obj-C for easy access to instance variables
  CVReturn result = [(glView *)displayLinkContext getFrameForTime:outputTime];
  return result;

- (CVReturn)getFrameForTime:(const CVTimeStamp *)outputTime
  // deltaTime is unused in this bare bones demo, but here's how to calculate it using display link info
  deltaTime = 1.0 / (outputTime->rateScalar * (double)outputTime->videoTimeScale / (double)outputTime->videoRefreshPeriod);
  [self drawFrame];
  return kCVReturnSuccess;

- (void)dealloc
  [super dealloc];

- (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)frameRect
  // context setup
  NSOpenGLPixelFormat        *windowedPixelFormat;
  NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute    attribs[] = {
    NSOpenGLPFAColorSize, 32,
    0 };
  windowedPixelFormat = [[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:attribs];
  if (windowedPixelFormat == nil)
    NSLog(@"Unable to create windowed pixel format.");
  self = [super initWithFrame:frameRect pixelFormat:windowedPixelFormat];
  if (self == nil)
    NSLog(@"Unable to create a windowed OpenGL context.");
  [windowedPixelFormat release];
  // set synch to VBL to eliminate tearing
  GLint    vblSynch = 1;
  [[self openGLContext] setValues:&vblSynch forParameter:NSOpenGLCPSwapInterval];
  // set up the display link
  CVDisplayLinkSetOutputCallback(displayLink, MyDisplayLinkCallback, self);
  CGLContextObj cglContext = (CGLContextObj)[[self openGLContext] CGLContextObj];
  CGLPixelFormatObj cglPixelFormat = (CGLPixelFormatObj)[[self pixelFormat] CGLPixelFormatObj];
  CVDisplayLinkSetCurrentCGDisplayFromOpenGLContext(displayLink, cglContext, cglPixelFormat);
  return self;

- (void)awakeFromNib
  NSSize    viewBounds = [self bounds].size;
  viewWidth = viewBounds.width;
  viewHeight = viewBounds.height;
  // activate the display link

- (void)reshape
  NSSize    viewBounds = [self bounds].size;
  viewWidth = viewBounds.width;
  viewHeight = viewBounds.height;
  NSOpenGLContext    *currentContext = [self openGLContext];
  [currentContext makeCurrentContext];
  // remember to lock the context before we touch it since display link is threaded
  CGLLockContext((CGLContextObj)[currentContext CGLContextObj]);
  // let the context know we've changed size
  [[self openGLContext] update];
  CGLUnlockContext((CGLContextObj)[currentContext CGLContextObj]);

- (void)drawRect:(NSRect)rect
  [self drawFrame];

- (void)drawFrame
  NSOpenGLContext    *currentContext = [self openGLContext];
  [currentContext makeCurrentContext];
  // must lock GL context because display link is threaded
  CGLLockContext((CGLContextObj)[currentContext CGLContextObj]);
  glViewport(0, 0, viewWidth, viewHeight);
  // Draw something that changes over time to prove to yourself that it's really updating in a tight loop
  // draw here
  [currentContext flushBuffer];
  CGLUnlockContext((CGLContextObj)[currentContext CGLContextObj]);


ACRNYM: Title of research paper follows in SIGGRAPH paper titles

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Recently I posted a list of over 4000 SIGGRAPH technical papers titles. You can see some interesting patterns browsing this list. Since the very beginning of SIGGRAPH (see “Modelaide: a computer graphics program for the evaluation of mathematical models”) there has been a long tradition of papers with titles beginning with a pet name for their algorithm or software. Like recently “MeshFlow: interactive visualization of mesh construction sequences”. With my list its easy to suck out all the paper titles that
begin with “SomeWord:” and look at the names people are using.


TexMapPreview: simple texture mapping utility

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

texmappreview simple texture mapping utility working on woody I posted the source and binary of TexMapPreview. It’s a little texture mapping utility I’ve been using to visualize texture maps on the meshes I deform. It takes as input a mesh (with texture coordinates) and an (texture) image. Then it can either write the visualization of the texture mapped mesh to an output file or display it in a GLUT window. Glut is the only dependency. TexMapPreview itself can only read and write .tga image files. But, I include a bash script wrapper which uses ImageMagick’s convert tool to enable reading and writing of all sorts of file formats (.png, .jpg, .tiff, whatever convert can read/write).

We thank Scott Schaefer for providing the wooden gingerbread man image from “Image Deformation Using Moving Least Squares”.

3000 4000 SIGGRAPH technical paper titles

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I compiled a list of over 3000 4000 SIGGRAPH technical paper titles. There are few non-titles that snuck in, but it seems like they’re mostly correct. All the way from “Probabilistic Reasoning for Assembly-Based 3D Modeling” by Siddhartha Chaudhuri et al. at SIGGRAPH 2011 to “Modelaide: a computer graphics program for the evaluation of mathematical models” by Richard I. Shrager in 1969.

Probabilistic reasoning for assembly-based 3D modeling
Locomotion skills for simulated quadrupeds
Non-rigid dense correspondence with applications for image enhancement
MeshFlow: interactive visualization of mesh construction sequences
Eulerian solid simulation with contact
HDR-VDP-2: a calibrated visual metric for visibility and quality predictions in all luminance conditions
Expression flow for 3D-aware face component transfer
Data-driven elastic models for cloth: modeling and measurement
Coherent noise for non-photorealistic rendering
Solid simulation with oriented particles
LR: compact connectivity representation for triangle meshes
Efficient elasticity for character skinning with contact and collisions
A versatile HDR video production system
Texture-lobes for tree modelling
Converting 3D furniture models to fabricatable parts and connectors
Exploring photobios
Example-based elastic materials
Building volumetric appearance models of fabric using micro CT imaging
Motion capture from body-mounted cameras
Temporal light field reconstruction for rendering distribution effects
Two-scale particle simulation
Physics-inspired upsampling for cloth simulation in games
Making burr puzzles from 3D models
HOT: Hodge-optimized triangulations
Local Laplacian filters: edge-aware image processing with a Laplacian pyramid
Toward high-quality modal contact sound
OverCoat: an implicit canvas for 3D painting
Sensitive couture for interactive garment modeling and editing
Perceptually based tone mapping for low-light conditions
High-quality spatio-temporal rendering using semi-analytical visibility
Blended intrinsic maps
Scalable and coherent video resizing with per-frame optimization
Realtime performance-based facial animation
Make it home: automatic optimization of furniture arrangement
Discrete element textures
Sparse meshless models of complex deformable solids
Video-based characters: creating new human performances from a multi-view video database
A quantized-diffusion model for rendering translucent materials
Example-based image color and tone style enhancement
Differential domain analysis for non-uniform sampling
Real-time Eulerian water simulation using a restricted tall cell grid
Computational stereo camera system with programmable control loop
Microgeometry capture using an elastomeric sensor
A geometric study of v-style pop-ups: theories and algorithms
Spin transformations of discrete surfaces
Spark: modular, composable shaders for graphics hardware
Characterizing structural relationships in scenes using graph kernels
Articulated swimming creatures
Domain transform for edge-aware image and video processing
Switchable primaries using shiftable layers of color filter arrays
Large-scale dynamic simulation of highly constrained strands
A programmable system for artistic volumetric lighting
Real-time large-deformation substructuring
GlobFit: consistently fitting primitives by discovering global relations
Illumination decomposition for material recoloring with consistent interreflections
Photo-inspired model-driven 3D object modeling
A perceptual model for disparity
Discrete Laplacians on general polygonal meshes
ShadowDraw: real-time user guidance for freehand drawing
Tonal stabilization of video
Bounded biharmonic weights for real-time deformation
Interactive furniture layout using interior design guidelines
Interactive region-based linear 3D face models
Color compatibility from large datasets
Efficient maximal poisson-disk sampling
Leveraging motion capture and 3D scanning for high-fidelity facial performance acquisition
Pocket reflectometry
Clipless dual-space bounds for faster stochastic rasterization
Exploration of continuous variability in collections of 3D shapes
Interactive and anisotropic geometry processing using the screened Poisson equation
Filtering solid Gabor noise
Animating fire with sound
Layered 3D: tomographic image synthesis for attenuation-based light field and high dynamic range displays
Circular arc structures
High-quality passive facial performance capture using anchor frames
Blue-noise point sampling using kernel density model
Nonlinear revision control for images
Guide shapes for high resolution naturalistic liquid simulation
Digital micrography
CATRA: interactive measuring and modeling of cataracts
Depixelizing pixel art
Physically-based real-time lens flare rendering
Motion reconstruction using sparse accelerometer data
Physically valid statistical models for human motion generation
Image-guided weathering: A new approach applied to flow phenomena
On the velocity of an implicit surface
Progressive photon mapping: A probabilistic approach
Antialiasing recovery
Decoupled sampling for graphics pipelines
Highlighted depth-of-field photography: Shining light on focus
Composite control of physically simulated characters
Global registration of dynamic range scans for articulated model reconstruction
Space-time planning with parameterized locomotion controllers
Edge-aware color appearance
Interactive architectural modeling with procedural extrusions
Frame-based elastic models
An efficient scheme for curve and surface construction based on a set of interpolatory basis functions
Metropolis procedural modeling
The area perspective transform: A homogeneous transform for efficient in-volume queries
Image and video upscaling from local self-examples
Frequency analysis and sheared filtering for shadow light fields of complex occluders
Interactive editing of massive imagery made simple: Turning Atlanta into Atlantis
ANIMIAMI Animation Festival and Conference
Art + technology: the new frontier of creativity and innovation
Coordination, collaboration and the impact of computer graphics
Preparing for a lunar impact
An interactive, multi-modal workspace for physically based sound
Shape google: Geometric words and expressions for invariant shape retrieval
Matting and compositing of transparent and refractive objects
Contributing vertices-based Minkowski sum of a nonconvex--convex pair of polyhedra
A nonsmooth Newton solver for capturing exact Coulomb friction in fiber assemblies
Subspace video stabilization
A comprehensive theory of volumetric radiance estimation using photon points and beams
Spectral sampling of manifolds
Accelerating spatially varying Gaussian filters
Multi-feature matching of fresco fragments
Computational highlight holography
A practical appearance model for dynamic facial color
Optimizing continuity in multiscale imagery
Real-time collision culling of a million bodies on graphics processing units
Consistent normal interpolation
A hierarchical volumetric shadow algorithm for single scattering
Axial-cones: modeling spherical catadioptric cameras for wide-angle light field rendering
Piles of objects
Combining global and local virtual lights for detailed glossy illumination
Stable inverse dynamic curves
Editing operations for irregular vertices in triangle meshes
Fast parallel surface and solid voxelization on GPUs
Free-flowing granular materials with two-way solid coupling
Content-adaptive parallax barriers: optimizing dual-layer 3D displays using low-rank light field factorization
Cone carving for surface reconstruction
Stereoscopic 3D copy & paste
Multi-resolution isotropic strain limiting
Computer-generated residential building layouts
Multi-phase fluid simulations using regional level sets
Resizing by symmetry-summarization
Anisotropic blue noise sampling
Style-content separation by anisotropic part scales
Light reallocation for high contrast projection using an analog micromirror array
Analysis, reconstruction and manipulation using arterial snakes
Circularly polarized spherical illumination reflectometry
Metric-aware processing of spherical imagery
Data-driven image color theme enhancement
Volumetric modeling with diffusion surfaces
Scalable fluid simulation using anisotropic turbulence particles
Automatic generation of destination maps
Parallel Poisson disk sampling with spectrum analysis on surfaces
Data-driven suggestions for creativity support in 3D modeling
Optical computing for fast light transport analysis
Unbiased, adaptive stochastic sampling for rendering inhomogeneous participating media
Automatic reconstruction of tree skeletal structures from point clouds
Morphable crowds
MovieReshape: tracking and reshaping of humans in videos
Diffusion maps for edge-aware image editing
Animation wrinkling: augmenting coarse cloth simulations with realistic-looking wrinkles
Video quality assessment for computer graphics applications
Context-based search for 3D models
Detail-preserving fully-Eulerian interface tracking framework
Video-based reconstruction of animatable human characters
A progressive error estimation framework for photon density estimation
A comparative study of image retargeting
Motion fields for interactive character locomotion
Geodesic image and video editing
Extrusion and revolution mapping
A PML-based nonreflective boundary for free surface fluid animation
ℓ1-Sparse reconstruction of sharp point set surfaces
A new approach to remote visualization of large volume data
Meet MK Haley
Persistence of the wild flowers
Animation and technology: a renegade approach
Cross-media stories
The flame algorithm and its open source culture
Early memories & new perceptions
envyLight: an interface for editing natural illumination
Toward evaluating material design interface paradigms for novice users
Smoothed local histogram filters
Interactive on-surface signal deformation
Vector solid textures
Discrete scale axis representations for 3D geometry
A deformation transformer for real-time cloth animation
Triangle surfaces with discrete equivalence classes
PantaRay: fast ray-traced occlusion caching of massive scenes
Physical reproduction of materials with specified subsurface scattering
Optimal feedback control for character animation using an abstract model
Unstructured video-based rendering: interactive exploration of casually captured videos
RepFinder: finding approximately repeated scene elements for image editing
Geodesic patterns
Ambient point clouds for view interpolation
Learning 3D mesh segmentation and labeling
3D modeling with silhouettes
A radiative transfer framework for rendering materials with anisotropic structure
Matching fluid simulation elements to surface geometry and topology
A simple geometric model for elastic deformations
Fabricating spatially-varying subsurface scattering
Nonlinear disparity mapping for stereoscopic 3D
Dynamic video narratives
Manifold bootstrapping for SVBRDF capture
By-example synthesis of architectural textures
K-set tilable surfaces
Volume contact constraints at arbitrary resolution
Street slide: browsing street level imagery
Sampling-based contact-rich motion control
Discrete viscous threads
A wave-based anisotropic quadrangulation method
Parameterizing subdivision surfaces
Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work
Apparent layer operations for the manipulation of deformable objects
Apparent display resolution enhancement for moving images
Generalized biped walking control
Diffusion coded photography for extended depth of field
A connection between partial symmetry and inverse procedural modeling
Line space gathering for single scattering in large scenes
A multiscale approach to mesh-based surface tension flows
Unified simulation of elastic rods, shells, and solids
A multi-layered display with water drops
Video tapestries with continuous temporal zoom
Learning behavior styles with inverse reinforcement learning
OptiX: a general purpose ray tracing engine
Spatial relationship preserving character motion adaptation
A coaxial optical scanner for synchronous acquisition of 3D geometry and surface reflectance
Synthesizing structured image hybrids
Example-based wrinkle synthesis for clothing animation
Structure-based ASCII art
Paneling architectural freeform surfaces
Reliefs as images
Optimizing walking controllers for uncertain inputs and environments
Non-local scan consolidation for 3D urban scenes
Effects of global illumination approximations on material appearance
Acquisition and analysis of bispectral bidirectional reflectance and reradiation distribution functions
Subspace self-collision culling
Image warps for artistic perspective manipulation
Filament-based smoke with vortex shedding and variational reconnection
Feature-aligned T-meshes
Lp Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation and its applications
Programmable motion effects
Data-driven biped control
Image deblurring using inertial measurement sensors
Symmetry factored embedding and distance
A multi-resolution approach to heat kernels on discrete surfaces
Real-time lens blur effects and focus control
Stable spaces for real-time clothing
Camouflage images
2.5D cartoon models
Terrain-adaptive bipedal locomotion control
VideoMocap: modeling physically realistic human motion from monocular video sequences
SmartBoxes for interactive urban reconstruction
Popup: automatic paper architectures from 3D models
Star-contours for efficient hierarchical self-collision detection
Parametric reshaping of human bodies in images
A novel algorithm for incompressible flow using only a coarse grid projection
Feature-based locomotion controllers
An artist friendly hair shading system
The Frankencamera: an experimental platform for computational photography
Micropolygon ray tracing with defocus and motion blur
Example-based facial rigging
Efficient yarn-based cloth with adaptive contact linearization
Physics-inspired topology changes for thin fluid features
Robust physics-based locomotion using low-dimensional planning
High resolution passive facial performance capture
Multi-class blue noise sampling
Multi-scale image harmonization
Interactive hair rendering under environment lighting
Design and fabrication of materials with desired deformation behavior
Dynamic local remeshing for elastoplastic simulation
A practical simulation of dispersed bubble flow
High-quality single-shot capture of facial geometry
Simulating virtual environments within virtual environments as the basis for a psychophysics of presence
Controllable conformal maps for shape deformation and interpolation
Gesture controllers
Rigid-body fracture sound with precomputed soundbanks
Seeing is believing: body motion dominates in multisensory conversations
NETRA: interactive display for estimating refractive errors and focal range
A synthetic-vision based steering approach for crowd simulation
Precomputed wave simulation for real-time sound propagation of dynamic sources in complex scenes
Motion-based video retargeting with optimized crop-and-warp
Reducing shading on GPUs using quad-fragment merging
Dinus: Double insertion, nonuniform, stationary subdivision surfaces
Character animation in two-player adversarial games
Biharmonic distance
Underwater cloth simulation with fractional derivatives
Sounding liquids: Automatic sound synthesis from fluid simulation
Cache-oblivious ray reordering
Computational rephotography
Coded aperture projection
Programmable rendering of line drawing from 3D scenes
Using blur to affect perceived distance and size
Acknowledgment - AIM@SHAPE project attribution
Modeling and rendering of impossible figures
Temporal upsampling of performance geometry using photometric alignment
Personal photo enhancement using example images
An efficient multigrid method for the simulation of high-resolution elastic solids
Mesh colors
Feature-preserving triangular geometry images for level-of-detail representation of static and skinned meshes
Distributed gradient-domain processing of planar and spherical images
GradientShop: A gradient-domain optimization framework for image and video filtering
Using an internet based process to assess student art skills
Ending the tradeoff of time vs. quality when creating 3D computer graphics content: stepping up the production workflow with real-time rendering software
From the animation industry to academia and research
Visual research, evaluation and assessment in the age of computer graphics
Understanding earthquakes with advanced visualization
An anisotropic BRDF model for fitting and Monte Carlo rendering
From image parsing to painterly rendering
Fool me twice: Exploring and exploiting error tolerance in physics-based animation
Interactive generation of human animation with deformable motion models
Face poser: Interactive modeling of 3D facial expressions using facial priors
Edge-based image coarsening
Geometry-aware direction field processing
Topology- and error-driven extension of scalar functions from surfaces to volumes
Accurate multidimensional Poisson-disk sampling
A framework for modeling 3D scenes using pose-free equations
Patch-based image vectorization with automatic curvilinear feature alignment
Packing circles and spheres on surfaces
Robust single-view geometry and motion reconstruction
Amortized supersampling
Capturing hair assemblies fiber by fiber
Fast motion deblurring
A system for retargeting of streaming video
A GPU Laplacian solver for diffusion curves and Poisson image editing
Adaptive wavelet rendering
Consolidation of unorganized point clouds for surface reconstruction
Relief analysis and extraction
A practical approach for photometric acquisition of hair color
Optimizing walking controllers
Noise brush: interactive high quality image-noise separation
Motion-aware temporal coherence for video resizing
Rendering surface details with diffusion curves
Modeling spatial and temporal variation in motion data
Motion field texture synthesis
Analytic drawing of 3D scaffolds
User-assisted intrinsic images
Stretching and wiggling liquids
Stochastic progressive photon mapping
Abstraction of man-made shapes
Hair meshes
Compact character controllers
Feature-aligned shape texturing
Edge-preserving multiscale image decomposition based on local extrema
Printing spatially-varying reflectance
Efficient affinity-based edit propagation using K-D tree
Real-time prosody-driven synthesis of body language
Interactive design of urban spaces using geometrical and behavioral modeling
DiagSplit: parallel, crack-free, adaptive tessellation for micropolygon rendering
Real-time parallel hashing on the GPU
Symmetric architecture modeling with a single image
Ray casting of multiple volumetric datasets with polyhedral boundaries on manycore GPUs
Webcam clip art: appearance and illuminant transfer from time-lapse sequences
Synthetic turbulence using artificial boundary layers
Automatic bounding of programmable shaders for efficient global illumination
Shadow art
Emerging images
Image-based street-side city modeling
Partial intrinsic reflectional symmetry of 3D shapes
Dynamic shape capture using multi-view photometric stereo
Depth-of-field rendering with multiview synthesis
Removing image artifacts due to dirty camera lenses and thin occluders
Optimized image resizing using seam carving and scaling
Exploratory modeling with collaborative design spaces
Robust task-based control policies for physics-based characters
Continuity mapping for multi-chart textures
Structured annotations for 2D-to-3D modeling
Interactive reflection editing
Harmonic shells: a practical nonlinear sound model for near-rigid thin shells
Out-of-core multigrid solver for streaming meshes
All-frequency rendering of dynamic, spatially-varying reflectance
Layered shape synthesis: automatic generation of control maps for non-stationary textures
Procedural modeling of structurally-sound masonry buildings
Skipping steps in deformable simulation with online model reduction
Approximating subdivision surfaces with Gregory patches for hardware tessellation
RenderAnts: interactive Reyes rendering on GPUs
Structure-aware error diffusion
Sketch2Photo: internet image montage
Debugging GPU stream programs through automatic dataflow recording and visualization
Micro-rendering for scalable, parallel final gathering
Aggregate dynamics for dense crowd simulation
Robust color-to-gray via nonlinear global mapping
Virtual spherical lights for many-light rendering of glossy scenes
Evaluation of reverse tone mapping through varying exposure conditions
BiDi screen: a thin, depth-sensing LCD for 3D interaction using light fields
The graph camera
3D polyomino puzzle
Artistic rendering of mountainous terrain
Toward a perceptual space for gloss
Improving Chen and Han's algorithm on the discrete geodesic problem
On centroidal voronoi tessellation—energy smoothness and fast computation
Subtle gaze direction
Comprehensive biomechanical modeling and simulation of the upper body
Photorealistic models for pupil light reflex and iridal pattern deformation
A simple approach to nonlinear tensile stiffness for accurate cloth simulation
Capture and modeling of non-linear heterogeneous soft tissue
Bokode: imperceptible visual tags for camera based interaction from a distance
Physically guided liquid surface modeling from videos
An efficient GPU-based approach for interactive global illumination
Single scattering in refractive media with triangle mesh boundaries
Frequency analysis and sheared reconstruction for rendering motion blur
SubEdit: a representation for editing measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering
Momentum control for balance
Gaussian KD-trees for fast high-dimensional filtering
Fabricating microgeometry for custom surface reflectance
Moving gradients: a path-based method for plausible image interpolation
Capacity-constrained point distributions: a variant of Lloyd's method
Mixed-integer quadrangulation
Interactive Hausdorff distance computation for general polygonal models
Contact-aware nonlinear control of dynamic characters
Möbius voting for surface correspondence
Generating photo manipulation tutorials by demonstration
Edge-avoiding wavelets and their applications
Adaptive global visibility sampling
iWIRES: an analyze-and-edit approach to shape manipulation
Optimizing content-preserving projections for wide-angle images
Preserving topology and elasticity for embedded deformable models
Asynchronous contact mechanics
Kernel Nyström method for light transport
Cyclic plain-weaving on polygonal mesh surfaces with graph rotation systems
Predictive-corrective incompressible SPH
Local layering
Interleaving Delaunay refinement and optimization for practical isotropic tetrahedron mesh generation
Linear Bellman combination for control of character animation
A benchmark for 3D mesh segmentation
Modeling human color perception under extended luminance levels
Energy-preserving integrators for fluid animation
Semantic deformation transfer
Coordinates for instant image cloning
Direct trimming of NURBS surfaces on the GPU
Multi-operator media retargeting
Invertible motion blur in video
Paint selection
Symmetric tiling of closed surfaces: visualization of regular maps
PatchMatch: a randomized correspondence algorithm for structural image editing
Self-organizing tree models for image synthesis
Deformable object animation using reduced optimal control
Interactive simulation of surgical needle insertion and steering
4D frequency analysis of computational cameras for depth of field extension
An empirical BSSRDF model
Synchronized multi-character motion editing
Directable, high-resolution simulation of fire on the GPU
Automatic and topology-preserving gradient mesh generation for image vectorization
Deforming meshes that split and merge
A visibility algorithm for converting 3D meshes into editable 2D vector graphics
Curve skeleton extraction from incomplete point cloud
The UnMousePad: an interpolating multi-touch force-sensing input pad
Numerical coarsening of inhomogeneous elastic materials
How well do line drawings depict shape?
Modular bases for fluid dynamics
Toward evaluating lighting design interface paradigms for novice users
Harmonic fluids
Joint-aware manipulation of deformable models
NURBS with extraordinary points: high-degree, non-uniform, rational subdivision schemes
SkyFinder: attribute-based sky image search
Real-time hand-tracking with a color glove
Bi-3 C2 polar subdivision
Visio-lization: generating novel facial images
Dark flash photography
Video SnapCut: robust video object cutout using localized classifiers
Achieving eye contact in a one-to-many 3D video teleconferencing system
Enrichment textures for detailed cutting of shells
Light warping for enhanced surface depiction
Variational harmonic maps for space deformation
FlexiStickers: photogrammetric texture mapping using casual images
Detail preserving continuum simulation of straight hair
Example-based hair geometry synthesis
Content-preserving warps for 3D video stabilization
Performance-based control interface for character animation
Eye-catching crowds: saliency based selective variation
Optimal gait and form for animal locomotion
Procedural noise using sparse Gabor convolution
Dextrous manipulation from a grasping pose
iVisit agitating for the evolution of fixed-mobile tele-presence and augmented reality
Building bridges: science, the arts & technology
A survey of BRDF models for computer graphics
Anatomical considerations in facial motion capture
Connecting the dots by crossing borders
Visualizing what lies inside
Interpolatory point set surfaces—convexity and Hermite data
Efficient reconstruction of nonrigid shape and motion from real-time 3D scanner data
Automatic pre-tessellation culling
Fourier depth of field
Affine double- and triple-product wavelet integrals for rendering
A BSP-based algorithm for dimensionally nonhomogeneous planar implicit curves with topological guarantees
2D piecewise algebraic splines for implicit modeling
Lie group integrators for animation and control of vehicles
Collision-free construction of animated feathers using implicit constraint surfaces
Generalizing motion edits with Gaussian processes
A variational approach for automatic generation of panoramic maps
Compressive light transport sensing
GRAMPS: A programming model for graphics pipelines
A tool to create illuminant and reflectance spectra for light-driven graphics and visualization
Optimization-based interactive motion synthesis
Fitting solid meshes to animated surfaces using linear elasticity
Display supersampling
Data-driven curvature for real-time line drawing of dynamic scenes
An edge-based computationally efficient formulation of Saint Venant-Kirchhoff tetrahedral finite elements
Participating media illumination using light propagation maps
Sketch-based tree modeling using Markov random field
Space-time surface reconstruction using incompressible flow
Non-homogeneous resizing of complex models
Animating responsive characters with dynamic constraints in near-unactuated coordinates
Automated reprojection-based pixel shader optimization
Synthesis of constrained walking skills
Fast, realistic lighting and material design using nonlinear cut approximation
Interaction patches for multi-character animation
A psychophysically validated metric for bidirectional texture data reduction
Imperfect shadow maps for efficient computation of indirect illumination
Interactive normal reconstruction from a single image
Motion overview of human actions
Deducing interpolating subdivision schemes from approximating subdivision schemes
Practical modeling and acquisition of layered facial reflectance
Progressive photon mapping
A virtual restoration stage for real-world objects
Depicting procedural caustics in single images
Accelerometer-based user interfaces for the control of a physically simulated character
Continuous model synthesis
Deep photo: model-based photograph enhancement and viewing
A layered, heterogeneous reflectance model for acquiring and rendering human skin
Shield fields: modeling and capturing 3D occluders
Superimposing dynamic range
Real-time KD-tree construction on graphics hardware
Efficient traversal of mesh edges using adjacency primitives
Facial performance synthesis using deformation-driven polynomial displacement maps
Video puppetry: a performative interface for cutout animation
Interactive 3D architectural modeling from unordered photo collections
Line-art illustration of dynamic and specular surfaces
Phong Tessellation
Time-resolved 3d capture of non-stationary gas flows
Random-access rendering of general vector graphics
Image-based façade modeling
VirtualStudio2Go: digital video composition for real environments
Optimizing cubature for efficient integration of subspace deformations
Single image tree modeling
IGT: inverse geometric textures
Optimized scale-and-stretch for image resizing
Randomized cuts for 3D mesh analysis
Quadrilateral mesh simplification
Reusable skinning templates using cage-based deformations
Demarcating curves for shape illustration
Laughing out loud: control for modeling anatomically inspired laughter using audio
Real-time Reyes-style adaptive surface subdivision
Richness-preserving manga screening
Extracting depth and matte using a color-filtered aperture
Interactive example-based urban layout synthesis
Staggered projections for frictional contact in multibody systems
Animating animal motion from still
Spectral quadrangulation with orientation and alignment control
Subdivision shading
Adaptive cutaways for comprehensible rendering of polygonal scenes
A photometric approach for estimating normals and tangents
Real-time control of physically based simulations using gentle forces
Texture amendment: reducing texture distortion in constrained parameterization
Fast image/video upsampling
Magnets in motion
Intrinsic colorization
Fast animation of turbulence using energy transport and procedural synthesis
A survey of spatial deformation from a user-centered perspective
Logarithmic perspective shadow maps
Geometric skinning with approximate dual quaternion blending
Parallel algorithms for approximation of distance maps on parametric surfaces
Multidimensional adaptive sampling and reconstruction for ray tracing
Real-time, all-frequency shadows in dynamic scenes
Interactive relighting of dynamic refractive objects
Multiscale texture synthesis
Real-time smoke rendering using compensated ray marching
Inverse texture synthesis
A meshless hierarchical representation for light transport
Lapped solid textures: filling a model with anisotropic textures
Data-driven enhancement of facial attractiveness
Anisotropic noise
Face swapping: automatically replacing faces in photographs
Light mixture estimation for spatially varying white balance
Programmable aperture photography: multiplexed light field acquisition
AppProp: all-pairs appearance-space edit propagation
Group motion editing
Exploring the world of 16th century Japanese castles and samurai in real-time 3D
Facts through fiction
If you animate it, they will come
Glare aware photography: 4D ray sampling for reducing glare effects of camera lenses
Motion-invariant photography
Bubbles alive
A system for high-volume acquisition and matching of fresco fragments: reassembling Theran wall paintings
Illustrative visualization: new technology or useless tautology?
Interactive visual editing of grammars for procedural architecture
Real-time gradient-domain painting
Real-time data driven deformation using kernel canonical correlation analysis
Automatic generation of tourist maps
3D unsharp masking for scene coherent enhancement
Where do people draw lines?
Light field transfer: global illumination between real and synthetic objects
Real-time motion retargeting to highly varied user-created morphologies
A perceptually validated model for surface depth hallucination
Example-based dynamic skinning in real time
Simulating knitted cloth at the yarn level
Modeling anisotropic surface reflectance with example-based microfacet synthesis
Single image dehazing
Porous flow in particle-based fluid simulations
Edge-preserving decompositions for multi-scale tone and detail manipulation
Continuation methods for adapting simulated skills
4-points congruent sets for robust pairwise surface registration
Self-animating images: illusory motion using repeated asymmetric patterns
Breaking the stereoscopic 3D paradox
Discovering structural regularity in 3D geometry
Progressive inter-scale and intra-scale non-blind image deconvolution
Interactive procedural street modeling
Feedback control of cumuliform cloud formation based on computational fluid dynamics
Factoring repeated content within and among images
Dual scattering approximation for fast multiple scattering in hair
Dynamic range independent image quality assessment
Watertight trimmed NURBS
Representing BRDFs using SOMs and MANs
Fast viscoelastic behavior with thin features
Musculotendon simulation for hand animation
Automated generation of interactive 3D exploded view diagrams
Diffusion curves: a vector representation for smooth-shaded images
Markerless garment capture
Structure-aware halftoning
Fluorescent immersion range scanning
Clone attack! Perception of crowd variety
Towards passive 6D reflectance field displays
Animating oscillatory motion with overlap: wiggly splines
A mass spring model for hair simulation
Perception of complex aggregates
Hair photobooth: geometric and photometric acquisition of real hairstyles
Animating developable surfaces using nonconforming elements
A perception-based color space for illumination-invariant image processing
Upright orientation of man-made objects
High-quality motion deblurring from a single image
Efficient multiple scattering in hair using spherical harmonics
Wavelet turbulence for fluid simulation
Display adaptive tone mapping
Green Coordinates
Two-way coupling of fluids to rigid and deformable solids and shells
Interactive simulation of stylized human locomotion
Performance capture from sparse multi-view video
3D-modeling by ortho-image generation from image sequences
Backward steps in rigid body simulation
Discrete elastic rods
Conformal equivalence of triangle meshes
Dr. Robert Cailliau, co-developer of the WWW: part two
Computing geometry-aware handle and tunnel loops in 3D models
Articulated mesh animation from multi-view silhouettes
Fast modal sounds with scalable frequency-domain synthesis
Freeform surfaces from single curved panels
Dr. Robert Cailliau, co-developer of the WWW: part one
Skeleton extraction by mesh contraction
Data-driven modeling of skin and muscle deformation
Robust treatment of simultaneous collisions
Curved folding
Shading-based surface editing
Spline joints for multibody dynamics
Streaming multigrid for gradient-domain operations on large images
Parallel Poisson disk sampling
BSGP: bulk-synchronous GPU programming
Larrabee: a many-core x86 architecture for visual computing
Unwrap mosaics: a new representation for video editing
Improved seam carving for video retargeting
Finding paths through the world's photos
A match made in Hollywood heaven: how video games made animation and filmmaking (a lot) easier
Image based modelling with VideoTrace
The future of television graphics
From the editor
A precomputed polynomial representation for interactive BRDF editing with global illumination
Sketching reality: Realistic interpretation of architectural designs
Free-form motion processing
N-symmetry direction field design
Synthesis and evaluation of linear motion transitions
Gesture modeling and animation based on a probabilistic re-creation of speaker style
Computation of rotation minimizing frames
Realistic rendering of birefringency in uniaxial crystals
Real-time rendering of textures with feature curves
Radiance caching for participating media
SOHO: Orthogonal and symmetric Haar wavelets on the sphere
Modeling and rendering of heterogeneous translucent materials using the diffusion equation
Approximating Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces with bicubic patches
This issue
Art in the digital age from a personal perspective
Fear and loafers in San Diego
AFIS data compression: an example of how domain specific compression algorithms can produce very high compression ratios
Creating a collaborative space to share data, visualization, and knowledge
The little things
Mesh Ensemble Motion Graphs: Data-driven mesh animation with constraints
Level set driven flows
Evaluating motion graphs for character animation
Out-of-core and compressed level set methods
Bicubic polar subdivision
Resolution-matched shadow maps
A framework for precomputed and captured light transport
Knowledge and heuristic-based modeling of laser-scanned trees
From myth to mountain: insights into virtual placemaking
VisFiles: the next surge of visualization research
Stereoscopic 3D film and animation: getting it right
Multi-scale capture of facial geometry and motion
Detail preserving shape deformation in image editing
Capturing and animating occluded cloth
Volume conserving finite element simulations of deformable models
Joint bilateral upsampling
Photo clip art
Key Point Subspace Acceleration and soft caching
Practical motion capture in everyday surroundings
The lightspeed automatic interactive lighting preview system
Many-worlds browsing for control of multibody dynamics
Bubbling and frothing liquids
Scene completion using millions of photographs
Multiscale shape and detail enhancement from multi-light image collections
Factored time-lapse video
Robust on-line computation of Reeb graphs: simplicity and speed
Image-based procedural modeling of facades
Prakash: lighting aware motion capture using photosensing markers and multiplexed illuminators
Image-guided maze construction
Continuous collision detection for articulated models using Taylor models and temporal culling
Active learning for real-time motion controllers
Geometry of multi-layer freeform structures for architecture
Simulating biped behaviors from human motion data
Design of tangent vector fields
AppWand: editing measured materials using appearance-driven optimization
Video watercolorization using bidirectional texture advection
Post-production facial performance relighting using reflectance transfer
Computational time-lapse video
ShapePalettes: interactive normal transfer via sketching
Color images visible under UV light
Curl-noise for procedural fluid flow
The influence of shape on the perception of material reflectance
VideoTrace: rapid interactive scene modelling from video
Veiling glare in high dynamic range imaging
Dynamic planar map illustration
Image deblurring with blurred/noisy image pairs
Adaptively sampled particle fluids
Matrix row-column sampling for the many-light problem
A finite element method for animating large viscoplastic flow
Stochastic simplification of aggregate detail
PCU: the programmable culling unit
Responsive characters from motion fragments
A variational approach to Eulerian geometry processing
Dappled photography: mask enhanced cameras for heterodyned light fields and coded aperture refocusing
Dynamic 2D patterns for shading 3D scenes
Computing the scattering properties of participating media using Lorenz-Mie theory
Approximate image-based tree-modeling using particle flows
Efficient symbolic differentiation for graphics applications
Ldr2Hdr: on-the-fly reverse tone mapping of legacy video and photographs
Digital bas-relief from 3D scenes
Image vectorization using optimized gradient meshes
Image upsampling via imposed edge statistics
Solid texture synthesis from 2D exemplars
TRACKS: toward directable thin shells
Real-time enveloping with rotational regression
Direct visibility of point sets
A fast variational framework for accurate solid-fluid coupling
Isosurface stuffing: fast tetrahedral meshes with good dihedral angles
Gradient domain editing of deforming mesh sequences
Frequency domain normal map filtering
Geometric modeling in shape space
Construction and optimal search of interpolated motion graphs
Rotational symmetry field design on surfaces
SIMBICON: simple biped locomotion control
Interactive editing and modeling of bidirectional texture functions
Real-time edge-aware image processing with the bilateral grid
Interactive topology-aware surface reconstruction
Plushie: an interactive design system for plush toys
Visual equivalence: towards a new standard for image fidelity
Soft scissors: an interactive tool for realtime high quality matting
Wrinkled flames and cellular patterns
Sampling with polyominoes
Direct manipulation of subdivision surfaces on GPUs
Mesh puppetry: cascading optimization of mesh deformation with inverse kinematics
Multi-aperture photography
Apparent ridges for line drawing
Eikonal rendering: efficient light transport in refractive objects
Image-based tree modeling
Do HDR displays support LDR content?: a psychophysical evaluation
Interactive cutaway illustrations of complex 3D models
Seam carving for content-aware image resizing
Efficient gradient-domain compositing using quadtrees
Efficient simulation of inextensible cloth
Automatic rigging and animation of 3D characters
Algebraic point set surfaces
Wave particles
Handle-aware isolines for scalable shape editing
Interactive relighting with dynamic BRDFs
Editing the topology of 3D models by sketching
Constraint-based motion optimization using a statistical dynamic model
Locally controllable stylized shading
A hardware architecture for surface splatting
Embedded deformation for shape manipulation
Active refocusing of images and videos
Line drawings via abstracted shading
Capturing and viewing gigapixel images
Harmonic coordinates for character articulation
Parameterization-free projection for geometry reconstruction
Simulation of bubbles in foam with the volume control method
FastLSM: fast lattice shape matching for robust real-time deformation
A theory of locally low dimensional light transport
Near-optimal character animation with continuous control
Image and depth from a conventional camera with a coded aperture
Global non-rigid alignment of 3-D scans
Implicit visibility and antiradiance for interactive global illumination
FiberMesh: designing freeform surfaces with 3D curves
Fast triangle reordering for vertex locality and reduced overdraw
Rendering for an interactive 360° light field display
Velocity-based shock propagation for multibody dynamics animation
Distinctive regions of 3D surfaces
Volume illustration using wang cubes
Adaptive sampling of reflectance fields
Lighting with paint
Natural shadow matting
Modeling techniques: movies vs. games
Graphics and the symbolization of ideas
Ray tracing deformable scenes using dynamic bounding volume hierarchies
Volume and shape preservation via moving frame manipulation
Stable, circulation-preserving, simplicial fluids
Context-aware textures
A first-order analysis of lighting, shading, and shadows
Character animation from 2D pictures and 3D motion data
Innovations in rendering
SWAG me, baby!
Visual effects in Sweden: the little engine that could
Videogames: content and responsibility
At depths with computer graphics
Augmented perception via cartoon rendering: reflections on a real-time video-to-cartoon system
Visualising the invisible: visualising historic shipwrecks
High dynamic range ("HDR") technology
A conference much bigger than first perceived
Encoding of high dynamic range video with a model of human cones
Animation space: A truly linear framework for character animation
Mean value coordinates for arbitrary planar polygons
An alternative for Wang tiles: colored edges versus colored corners
Periodic global parameterization
Parametrizations for triangular Gk spline surfaces of low degree
Deringing cartoons by image analogies
Computing contour generators of evolving implicit surfaces
Video-guided motion synthesis using example motions
Vector field design on surfaces
The animated short: a student's perspective
Finding your way in computer graphics
Ben Fry finding methods of visualizing data accepts Nierenberg chair of design at Carnegie Mellon
High school graduate refines gyromouse interface for virtual reality: pre-teens play crucial role
Edge subdivision schemes and the construction of smooth vector fields
Streaming computation of Delaunay triangulations
Fast median and bilateral filtering
Perfect spatial hashing
Photorealistic rendering of rain streaks
Spectral surface quadrangulation
Hybrid images
SmoothSketch: 3D free-form shapes from complex sketches
Acquiring scattering properties of participating media by dilution
Photo tourism: exploring photo collections in 3D
Simulating multiple scattering in hair using a photon mapping approach
Super-helices for predicting the dynamics of natural hair
Image-based plant modeling
Analysis of human faces using a measurement-based skin reflectance model
Generalized wavelet product integral for rendering dynamic glossy objects
High dynamic range texture compression for graphics hardware
Schematic storyboarding for video visualization and editing
A spatial data structure for fast Poisson-disk sample generation
Direct-to-indirect transfer for cinematic relighting
Real-time BRDF editing in complex lighting
Geometric modeling with conical meshes and developable surfaces
Ray tracing animated scenes using coherent grid traversal
Statistical acceleration for animated global illumination
Image-based material editing
Inverse shade trees for non-parametric material representation and editing
A compact factored representation of heterogeneous subsurface scattering
Time-varying surface appearance: acquisition, modeling and rendering
Image deformation using moving least squares
Heads up!: biomechanical modeling and neuromuscular control of the neck
Editing arbitrarily deforming surface animations
Natural video matting using camera arrays
A statistical model for synthesis of detailed facial geometry
A planar-reflective symmetry transform for 3D shapes
All-frequency precomputed radiance transfer using spherical radial basis functions and clustered tensor approximation
Image enhancement by unsharp masking the depth buffer
High dynamic range texture compression
Fast proximity computation among deformable models using discrete Voronoi diagrams
Vector field based shape deformations
Procedural modeling of buildings
Coded exposure photography: motion deblurring using fluttered shutter
Interaction capture and synthesis
Modified subdivision surfaces with continuous curvature
Recursive Wang tiles for real-time blue noise
Reassembling fractured objects by geometric matching
Precomputed acoustic transfer: output-sensitive, accurate sound generation for geometrically complex vibration sources
Real-time video abstraction
Model reduction for real-time fluids
Inverse kinematics for reduced deformable models
Mesh quilting for geometric texture synthesis
Photographing long scenes with multi-viewpoint panoramas
Guided visibility sampling
Multidimensional lightcuts
Fast separation of direct and global components of a scene using high frequency illumination
Point-sampled cell complexes
Real-time GPU rendering of piecewise algebraic surfaces
Interactive local adjustment of tonal values
The Direct3D 10 system
Appearance manifolds for modeling time-variant appearance of materials
Flash matting
Appearance-space texture synthesis
Exaggerated shading for depicting shape and detail
Continuum crowds
Locally adapted hierarchical basis preconditioning
A fast multigrid algorithm for mesh deformation
Interactive decal compositing with discrete exponential maps
Removing camera shake from a single photograph
Partial and approximate symmetry detection for 3D geometry
Real-time soft shadows in dynamic scenes using spherical harmonic exponentiation
Manga colorization
Fluid animation with dynamic meshes
The cartoon animation filter
Light field microscopy
Two-scale tone management for photographic look
Backward compatible high dynamic range MPEG video compression
Resolving surface collisions through intersection contour minimization
Subspace gradient domain mesh deformation
Multiple interacting liquids
Multiview radial catadioptric imaging for scene capture
Drag-and-drop pasting
Projection defocus analysis for scene capture and image display
Color harmonization
Efficient simulation of large bodies of water by coupling two and three dimensional techniques
Motion patches: building blocks for virtual environments annotated with motion data
Compression of motion capture databases
Capturing and animating skin deformation in human motion
Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga: a multimedia artist focused on social commentary
Making it real
Message from the president
Making it real: the future of stereoscopic 3D film technology
Finding your way in Computer Graphics
Extended subdivision surfaces: Building a bridge between NURBS and Catmull-Clark surfaces
Fitting B-spline curves to point clouds by curvature-based squared distance minimization
Point-based multiscale surface representation
All-frequency relighting of glossy objects
A tangent subdivision scheme
Discrete conformal mappings via circle patterns
Animating Chinese paintings through stroke-based decomposition
Solution space navigation for geometric constraint systems
Animation planning for virtual characters cooperation
Intrinsic subdivision with smooth limits for graphics and animation
Forward rasterization
Accurate detection of symmetries in 3D shapes
Salient geometric features for partial shape matching and similarity
Hierarchical RLE level set: A compact and versatile deformable surface representation
The halfway vector disk for BRDF modeling
A Bayesian method for probable surface reconstruction and decimation
Rendering biological iridescences with RGB-based renderers
A semi-Lagrangian contouring method for fluid simulation
Glift: Generic, efficient, random-access GPU data structures
Algebraic analysis of high-pass quantization
Learning silhouette features for control of human motion
Physically-based simulation of twilight phenomena
Low-complexity maximum intensity projection
Expressive speech-driven facial animation
Automatic restoration of polygon models
Hierarchical triangular splines
Beta-connection: Generating a family of models from planar cross sections
The irregular Z-buffer: Hardware acceleration for irregular data structures
A procedural object distribution function
Feature-based multiresolution modeling of solids
Real-time relief mapping on arbitrary polygonal surfaces
Adaptive dynamics of articulated bodies
Linear rotation-invariant coordinates for meshes
Fast frictional dynamics for rigid bodies
Mesh-based inverse kinematics
Meshless animation of fracturing solids
Learning physics-based motion style with nonlinear inverse optimization
Large mesh deformation using the volumetric graph Laplacian
Out-of-core tensor approximation of multi-dimensional matrices of visual data
Skinning mesh animations
Animating sand as a fluid
Texture design using a simplicial complex of morphable textures
Style translation for human motion
Shell maps
Efficiently combining positions and normals for precise 3D geometry
SCAPE: shape completion and animation of people
Coupling water and smoke to thin deformable and rigid shells
Texture optimization for example-based synthesis
A data-driven approach to quantifying natural human motion
MoXi: real-time ink dispersion in absorbent paper
Video enhancement using per-pixel virtual exposures
GoLD: interactive display of huge colored and textured models
A realtime GPU subdivision kernel
Robust moving least-squares fitting with sharp features
A photon accurate model of the human eye
Automatic determination of facial muscle activations from sparse motion capture marker data
Wavelet noise
The VarrierTM autostereoscopic virtual reality display
Lightcuts: a scalable approach to illumination
Geopostors: a real-time geometry/impostor crowd rendering system
Modeling and rendering of quasi-homogeneous materials
Line drawings from volume data
Animating pictures with stochastic motion textures
Color2Gray: salience-preserving color removal
Precomputed local radiance transfer for real-time lighting design
Far voxels: a multiresolution framework for interactive rendering of huge complex 3D models on commodity graphics platforms
Light diffusion in multi-layered translucent materials
GPU-based trimming and tessellation of NURBS and T-Spline surfaces
Fast exact and approximate geodesics on meshes
Mesh saliency
Automatic photo pop-up
Face transfer with multilinear models
Efficient content-based retrieval of motion capture data
Video object cut and paste
Acquisition of time-varying participating media
RPU: a programmable ray processing unit for realtime ray tracing
Water drops on surfaces
Fourier slice photography
Fast and detailed approximate global illumination by irradiance decomposition
Dynamic response for motion capture animation
Soft shadow volumes for ray tracing
Sketching mesh deformations
Meshless deformations based on shape matching
Geostatistical motion interpolation
Motion magnification
Parallel controllable texture synthesis
Variational tetrahedral meshing
Compressing and companding high dynamic range images with subband architectures
Image completion with structure propagation
Resolution independent curve rendering using programmable graphics hardware
Evaluation of tone mapping operators using a High Dynamic Range display
Local, deformable precomputed radiance transfer
Cache-oblivious mesh layouts
A sketch-based interface for detail-preserving mesh editing
An approximate image-space approach for interactive refraction
Keynote Speech: George Lucas: A keynote Q&A with the father of digital cinema
Removing photography artifacts using gradient projection and flash-exposure sampling
All-frequency interactive relighting of translucent objects with single and multiple scattering
A practical analytic single scattering model for real time rendering
Blister: GPU-based rendering of Boolean combinations of free-form triangulated shapes
Mean value coordinates for closed triangular meshes
Defocus video matting
Action synopsis: pose selection and illustration
Keynote and Awards presentations
Interactive video cutout
Discontinuous fluids
Measuring and modeling the appearance of finished wood
Performance animation from low-dimensional control signals
Lpics: a hybrid hardware-accelerated relighting engine for computer cinematography
Geometry-guided progressive lossless 3D mesh coding with octree (OT) decomposition
Interactive collision detection between deformable models using chromatic decomposition
As-rigid-as-possible shape manipulation
DART: a toolkit for rapid design exploration of augmented reality experiences
Panoramic video textures
Precomputed shadow fields for dynamic scenes
A vortex particle method for smoke, water and explosions
Floral diagrams and inflorescences: interactive flower modeling using botanical structural constraints
A relational debugging engine for the graphics pipeline
High performance imaging using large camera arrays
Surface compression with geometric bandelets
Real-Time subspace integration for St. Venant-Kirchhoff deformable models
Visual simulation of weathering by γ-ton tracing
Multi-finger gestural interaction with 3D volumetric displays
Modeling hair from multiple views
Energy redistribution path tracing
Animating gases with hybrid meshes
Real-time rendering of plant leaves
User-configurable automatic shader simplification
Performance relighting and reflectance transformation with time-multiplexed illumination
A frequency analysis of light transport
CrossY: a crossing-based drawing application
Modeling and visualization of leaf venation patterns
Dual photography
Multi-level ray tracing algorithm
Wavelet importance sampling: efficiently evaluating products of complex functions
Computer graphics: what's it all about?
Toward new grounds in visualization
The end... and the beginning!
Teaching 3D modeling and animation in the high schools
Inventing the future down under: the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand [HIT Lab NZ]
Doing "neat stuff"
Error-resilient transmission of 3D models
Image-based spatio-temporal modeling and view interpolation of dynamic events
Mood swings: expressive speech animation
Quadric-based simplification in any dimension
ABF++: fast and robust angle based flattening
Texture transfer during shape transformation
Fast multi-level adaptation for interactive autonomous characters
Statistical geometry representation for efficient transmission and rendering
Game technology extends its reach
Teaching visualization
Serious games...and less!
Designing augmented reality interfaces
Learning through computer-generated visualization
Web-based learning fills a need
Stable but nondissipative water
Controllable smoke animation with guiding objects
Simulating the dynamics of auroral phenomena
A physically-based motion retargeting filter
Adaptation of performed ballistic motion
On the optimality of spectral compression of mesh data
Perceptual photometric seamlessness in projection-based tiled displays
On C2 triangle/quad subdivision
Feature-based surface parameterization and texture mapping
Visualization for security
Visual learning in science and engineering
Creation and instruction work together
Playing the game: preparing for a career in computer graphics
The beginning computer graphics course in computer science
Challenges fuel excitement for work
Combining 4- and 3-direction subdivision
On the support of recursive subdivision
Lighting sensitive display
A signal-processing framework for reflection
Variational normal meshes
Jump map-based interactive texture synthesis
Robust repair of polygonal models
The frustrations and joys of computer graphics
Deformation transfer for triangle meshes
Obscuring length changes during animated motion
Adaptive tetrapuzzles: efficient out-of-core construction and visualization of gigantic multiresolution polygonal models
A method for animating viscoelastic fluids
VisionWand: interaction techniques for large displays using a passive wand tracked in 3D
Interpolating and approximating implicit surfaces from polygon soup
Taking stock of visualization in scientific computing
An intuitive framework for real-time freeform modeling
RFIG lamps: interacting with a self-describing world via photosensing wireless tags and projectors
Non-photorealistic camera: depth edge detection and stylized rendering using multi-flash imaging
Video tooning
A stereo display prototype with multiple focal distances
An approximate global illumination system for computer generated films
GADGET: a toolkit for optimization-based approaches to interface and display generation
Variational shape approximation
Painting in air
In the age of digital ornamentation
Interactive modeling of topologically complex geometric detail
VisualIDs: automatic distinctive icons for desktop interfaces
Keyframe-based tracking for rotoscoping and animation
3D TV: a scalable system for real-time acquisition, transmission, and autostereoscopic display of dynamic scenes
Triple product wavelet integrals for all-frequency relighting
Perceptual audio rendering of complex virtual environments
Oppor-toon-ities in animation and computer graphics
Digital photography with flash and no-flash image pairs
3D video: being part of the movie
Mesh editing with poisson-based gradient field manipulation
Spacetime faces: high resolution capture for modeling and animation
Target-driven smoke animation
Capture of hair geometry from multiple images
Fair morse functions for extracting the topological structure of a surface mesh
Graphics gems revisited: fast and physically-based rendering of gemstones
Shell texture functions
Energy-minimizing splines in manifolds
Colorization using optimization
Video matching
Supra-threshold control of peripheral LOD
Synthetic aperture confocal imaging
Near-regular texture analysis and manipulation
Poisson matting
Making papercraft toys from meshes using strip-based approximate unfolding
The CAT for efficient 2D and 3D interaction as an alternative to mouse adaptations
Speaking with hands: creating animated conversational characters from recordings of human performance
Context-based surface completion
BD-tree: output-sensitive collision detection for reduced deformable models
Automated extraction and parameterization of motions in large data sets
Shader algebra
Simulating water and smoke with an octree data structure
Perceptually-supported image editing of text and graphics
Shape matching and anisotropy
Flash photography enhancement via intrinsic relighting
A new visual art medium: polynomiography
Modeling by example
Quantum entanglement and the EZTV online museum
Flow-based video synthesis and editing
Lazy snapping
Pitching a baseball: tracking high-speed motion with multi-exposure images
MathPad2: a system for the creation and exploration of mathematical sketches
Eyes for relighting
Ridge-valley lines on meshes via implicit surface fitting
TensorTextures: multilinear image-based rendering
T-spline simplification and local refinement
Perceptual illumination components: a new approach to efficient, high quality global illumination rendering
Feature matching and deformation for texture synthesis
Geometry clipmaps: terrain rendering using nested regular grids
"GrabCut": interactive foreground extraction using iterated graph cuts
Painting detail
Efficient BRDF importance sampling using a factored representation
Inter-surface mapping
A virtual node algorithm for changing mesh topology during simulation
Brook for GPUs: stream computing on graphics hardware
Fluid control using the adjoint method
Volumetric reconstruction and interactive rendering of trees from photographs
Band moiré images
Textureshop: texture synthesis as a photograph editing tool
Interactive digital photomontage
Synthesizing animations of human manipulation tasks
Motion doodles: an interface for sketching character motion
Protected interactive 3D graphics via remote rendering
High-quality video view interpolation using a layered representation
Stereological techniques for solid textures
A simple manifold-based construction of surfaces of arbitrary smoothness
Perception-motivated high dynamic range video encoding
High dynamic range display systems
DISCO: acquisition of translucent objects
Fast hierarchical importance sampling with blue noise properties
Cross-parameterization and compatible remeshing of 3D models
Rigid fluid: animating the interplay between rigid bodies and fluid
Style-based inverse kinematics
Volumetric illustration: designing 3D models with internal textures
Defining point-set surfaces
Super wide viewer using catadioptrical optics
Synthesizing physically realistic human motion in low-dimensional, behavior-specific spaces
Skin in the "Dawn" demo
Standing at the crossroads of art & technology
Janimation animation...
Scientific visualization in small animal imaging
What you see is what you get: the hidden value of abstractions
Real-time rendering of translucent meshes
A final reconstruction approach for a unified global illumination algorithm
Islamic star patterns in absolute geometry
Pop-up light field: An interactive image-based modeling and rendering system
Removing excess topology from isosurfaces
Visualization: a quickly emerging field
A mixed offering for our readers
The exploration and discovery of computer graphics
Artificial intelligence in computer graphics: a constructionist approach
A graphics pipeline for making 3D as cool as text
Adaptive medial-axis approximation for sphere-tree construction
Human facial illustrations: Creation and psychophysical evaluation
Perceptually based brush strokes for nonphotorealistic visualization
A novel cubic-order algorithm for approximating principal direction vectors
Sparking life: notes on the performance capture sessions for the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers
Computer graphics: defining the literal meaning of images
Computer graphics research in the humanities at the center for electronic communication
SwingWrapper: Retiling triangle meshes for better edgebreaker compression
Progressive point set surfaces
Motion sketching for control of rigid-body simulations
Geometric surface processing via normal maps
Communication and the growth of information
Large operational user of visualization
An animator at Intel
Information visualization with Web3D: spatial visualization of human activity area and its condition
Multi-level partition of unity implicits
Progressive encoding of complex isosurfaces
T-splines and T-NURCCs
Reanimating the dead: reconstruction of expressive faces from skull data
Structured importance sampling of environment maps
Anisotropic polygonal remeshing
blue-c: a spatially immersive display and 3D video portal for telepresence
Sparse matrix solvers on the GPU: conjugate gradients and multigrid
Building efficient, accurate character skins from examples
Relighting with 4D incident light fields
Synthesis of progressively-variant textures on arbitrary surfaces
Shadow matting and compositing
Realistic modeling of bird flight animations
Designing effective step-by-step assembly instructions
Coherent stylized silhouettes
Nonlinear optimization framework for image-based modeling on programmable graphics hardware
Free-viewpoint video of human actors
Accurate light source acquisition and rendering
Fragment-based image completion
Interactive shadow generation in complex environments
Perceptual metrics for character animation: sensitivity to errors in ballistic motion
iLamps: geometrically aware and self-configuring projectors
Cg: a system for programming graphics hardware in a C-like language
Precomputing interactive dynamic deformable scenes
Adaptive grid-based document layout
Untangling cloth
Sequential point trees
Out-of-core compression for gigantic polygon meshes
Instant architecture
Bilateral mesh denoising
Billboard clouds for extreme model simplification
Clustered principal components for precomputed radiance transfer
Fundamentals of spherical parameterization for 3D meshes
View-dependent displacement mapping
Combining edges and points for interactive high-quality rendering
Poisson image editing
Animating suspended particle explosions
Measuring bidirectional texture reflectance with a kaleidoscope
Boom chameleon: simultaneous capture of 3D viewpoint, voice and gesture annotations on a spatially-aware display
Motion synthesis from annotations
TreeJuxtaposer: scalable tree comparison using Focus+Context with guaranteed visibility
Sensation preserving simplification for haptic rendering
Ray space factorization for from-region visibility
Linear algebra operators for GPU implementation of numerical algorithms
Wang Tiles for image and texture generation
Suggestive contours for conveying shape
Evaluating the visual fidelity of physically based animations
Graphics for the masses: a hardware rasterization architecture for mobile phones
Nonconvex rigid bodies with stacking
Interactive boolean operations on surfel-bounded solids
Twister: a space-warp operator for the two-handed editing of 3D shapes
Bi-scale radiance transfer
Non-iterative, feature-preserving mesh smoothing
Simplifying complex environments using incremental textured depth meshes
All-frequency shadows using non-linear wavelet lighting approximation
Hierarchical mesh decomposition using fuzzy clustering and cuts
Globally smooth parameterizations with low distortion
Matchmaker: constructing constrained texture maps
Smoke simulation for large scale phenomena
Clothing manipulation
Rhythmic-motion synthesis based on motion-beat analysis
Discrete multiscale vector field decomposition
The space of human body shapes: reconstruction and parameterization from range scans
Graphcut textures: image and video synthesis using graph cuts
Shadow silhouette maps
Delay streams for graphics hardware
Dual domain extrapolation
Spherical parametrization and remeshing
High dynamic range video
Snap-together motion: assembling run-time animations
Real-time rendering of aerodynamic sound using sound textures based on computational fluid dynamics
Continuous capture of skin deformation
A geometry-based soft shadow volume algorithm using graphics hardware
Light scattering from human hair fibers
Shape modeling with point-sampled geometry
Incorporating dynamic real objects into immersive virtual environments
Flows on surfaces of arbitrary topology
Improving mid-tone quality of variable-coefficient error diffusion using threshold modulation
Image-based skin color and texture analysis/synthesis by extracting hemoglobin and melanin information in the skin
Non-invasive interactive visualization of dynamic architectural environments
Keyframe control of smoke simulations
Reproducing color images with embedded metallic patterns
A data-driven reflectance model
The actuated workbench: computer-controlled actuation in tabletop tangible interfaces
Efficient synthesis of physically valid human motion
Linear light source reflectometry
Layered acting for character animation
Computer art comes of age
VisBio: a biological tool for visualization and analysis
Image-based reconstruction of spatial appearance and geometric detail
Constraint-based approach for automatic hinting of digital typefaces
Perceptually-driven decision theory for interactive realistic rendering
An efficient instantiation algorithm for simulating radiant energy transfer in plant models
Planning biped locomotion using motion capture data and probabilistic roadmaps
Installation art: image and reality
Should standard oil own the roads?
VR2Go™: a new method for virtual reality development
Creating virtual learning environments is much closer than we think
Modeling Pittsburgh...with the fewest possible polygons
AirlinX digital information system provides welcoming 3D to travelers
List of reviewers
Learning style translation for the lines of a drawing
A search engine for 3D models
Anisotropic diffusion of surfaces and functions on surfaces
Multiresolution green's function methods for interactive simulation of large-scale elastostatic objects
Continuous contact simulation for smooth surfaces
Visualization in earth system science
Ordered and quantum treemaps: Making effective use of 2D space to display hierarchies
Shape distributions
Smoothing an overlay grid to minimize linear distortion in texture mapping
Modelling with implicit surfaces that interpolate
Public policy committee continues efforts
Comics from the other side
Thinking like Einstein on the Hokule'a: the continuing puzzle of the visual
Early investigation, formulation and use of NURBS at Boeing
Interactivity is the key to expressive visualization
Computer graphics in Korea
Making visible the creative process of the artist
Proceedings of the 29th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Pointshop 3D: an interactive system for point-based surface editing
Level set surface editing operators
Dual contouring of hermite data
Fast bilateral filtering for the display of high-dynamic-range images
Motion graphs
Interactive geometry remeshing
Photographic tone reproduction for digital images
Interactive skeleton-driven dynamic deformations
Improving noise
Interactive motion generation from examples
Geometry images
Creating models of truss structures with optimization
Light field mapping: efficient representation and hardware rendering of surface light fields
Transferring color to greyscale images
A user interface for interactive cinematic shadow design
Robust treatment of collisions, contact and friction for cloth animation
Image-based 3D photography using opacity hulls
The SAGE graphics architecture
Interactive control of avatars animated with human motion data
Object-based image editing
A procedural approach to authoring solid models
Feature-based light field morphing
CHARMS: a simple framework for adaptive simulation
A lighting reproduction approach to live-action compositing
Synthesis of complex dynamic character motion from simple animations
Robust epsilon visibility
Precomputed radiance transfer for real-time rendering in dynamic, low-frequency lighting environments
WYSIWYG NPR: drawing strokes directly on 3D models
Animation and rendering of complex water surfaces
Stable but responsive cloth
Shader-driven compilation of rendering assets
Chromium: a stream-processing framework for interactive rendering on clusters
Self-similarity based texture editing
Motion capture assisted animation: texturing and synthesis
Least squares conformal maps for automatic texture atlas generation
Interactive multiresolution hair modeling and editing
Octree textures
Cut-and-paste editing of multiresolution surfaces
Gradient domain high dynamic range compression
Motion texture: a two-level statistical model for character motion synthesis
Graphical modeling and animation of ductile fracture
DyRT: dynamic response textures for real time deformation simulation with graphics hardware
Hierarchical pattern mapping
Real-time 3D model acquisition
Perspective shadow maps
Integrated learning for interactive synthetic characters
Stylization and abstraction of photographs
A rapid hierarchical rendering technique for translucent materials
Interactive global illumination in dynamic scenes
Turning to the masters: motion capturing cartoons
Painting and rendering textures on unparameterized models
Frequency space environment map rendering
Image based flow visualization
Structural modeling of flames for a production environment
Ray tracing on programmable graphics hardware
Physiological measures of presence in stressful virtual environments
Articulated body deformation from range scan data
Video matting of complex scenes
Synthesis of bidirectional texture functions on arbitrary surfaces
Trainable videorealistic speech animation
Homomorphic factorization of BRDF-based lighting computation
Physically based modeling and animation of fire
Jigsaw image mosaics
Linear combination of transformations
Eyes alive
Progressive lossless compression of arbitrary simplicial complexes
Modeling and rendering of realistic feathers
Stay informed: participate in public policy discussion
End-to-end content creation with desktop production studios
University of Gävle prepares students for entry into industry
Developing an aesthetic: character-based interactive installations
Social synthetic characters
Comics from the other side
Topology-reducing surface simplification using a discrete solid representation
Permission grids: practical, error-bounded simplification
The 3D visibility complex
Pareto-optimal formulations for cost versus colorimetric accuracy trade-offs in printer color management
Meshed atlases for real-time procedural solid texturing
Building 3D user interface components using a visualization library
Comics from the other side
Artists against anatomists
A framework for geometric warps and deformations
On the algebraic and geometric foundations of computer graphics
Steerable illumination textures
Vis files: computational field visualization
Computer graphics pioneers: the Giloi's school of computer graphics
Controllable morphing of compatible planar triangulations
On numerical solutions to one-dimensional integration problems with applications to linear light sources
Texture synthesis on surfaces
Texture synthesis over arbitrary manifold surfaces
The randomized z-buffer algorithm: interactive rendering of highly complex scenes
Image-based modeling and photo editing
Project FEELEX: adding haptic surface to graphics
Image-based rendering of diffuse, specular and glossy surfaces from a single image
Integrating shape and pattern in mammalian models
Plenoptic stitching: a scalable method for reconstructing 3D interactive walk throughs
Photorealistic rendering of knitwear using the lumislice
BEAT: the Behavior Expression Animation Toolkit
A signal-processing framework for inverse rendering
Kizamu: a system for sculpting digital characters
Polynomial texture maps
Image analogies
Constrained texture mapping for polygonal meshes
Hybrid stereo camera: an IBR approach for synthesis of very high resolution stereoscopic image sequences
Procedural modeling of cities
Homomorphic factorization of BRDFs for high-performance rendering
Real-time hatching
A practical model for subsurface light transport
A physically-based night sky model
A simple and efficient error-diffusion algorithm
Surface splatting
WordsEye: an automatic text-to-scene conversion system
Progressive compression for lossless transmission of triangle meshes
WireGL: a scalable graphics system for clusters
Computer graphics in Germany
Perception-guided global illumination solution for animation rendering
Feature sensitive surface extraction from volume data
Automating gait generation
Synthesizing sounds from physically based motion
Proceedings of the 28th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Image quilting for texture synthesis and transfer
Unstructured lumigraph rendering
Synthesizing bidirectional texture functions for real-world surfaces
DAB: interactive haptic painting with 3D virtual brushes
Feature-based cellular texturing for architectural models
Adaptive shadow maps
Consistent mesh parameterizations
Optimization-based animation
Texture mapping progressive meshes
The use of positional information in the modeling of plants
A real-time procedural shading system for programmable graphics hardware
Simulating decorative mosaics
Applying appearance standards to light reflection models
Image-based motion blur for stop motion animation
Approximate Boolean operations on free-form solids
Visualization toolkit extreme testing
Measuring and predicting visual fidelity
Composable controllers for physics-based character animation
Scanning physical interaction behavior of 3D objects
Spectral processing of point-sampled geometry
Dynamic real-time deformations using space & time adaptive sampling
Expression cloning
A user-programmable vertex engine
An efficient representation for irradiance environment maps
An immersive, multi-user, musical stage environment
Comics from the other side
Topology matching for fully automatic similarity estimation of 3D shapes
Rendering effective route maps: improving usability through generalization
Reliable two-dimensional graphing methods for mathematical formulae with two free variables
Practical animation of liquids
Lightning-2: a high-performance display subsystem for PC clusters
Modeling acoustics in virtual environments using the uniform theory of diffraction
On frustrations of collaborating with artists
Interactive stereoscopic display for three or more users
Reconstruction and representation of 3D objects with radial basis functions
Visual simulation of smoke
Expressive expression mapping with ratio images
FoleyAutomatic: physically-based sound effects for interactive simulation and animation
The virtual mesh: a geometric abstraction for efficiently computing radiosity
Real-time texture synthesis by patch-based sampling
Collisions and perception
Preproduction: the industry secret
Adrenaline moments and conflict: two essentials for good storytelling
Threading a sophomore computer animation curriculum
Concept mapping, mind mapping and creativity: documenting the creative process for computer animators
Animating on stage
Computer graphics around the world: computer graphics in China: an overview
Ancient layout scrolls found in archeological dig: can these old principles be applied to the advanced technology of tomorrow?
Tricks to animating characters with a computer
From the guest editor
Exploring options
The nuts and bolts of animation
Vis files: NEC supercomputer visualization efforts
Gaming and graphics: the console and PC: separated at birth?
Spherical averages and applications to spherical splines and interpolation
Computer puppetry: An importance-based approach
The history of versaCAD
Using computer graphics to better understand our world
MIT educators share success
Super-intelligent machines
visual thinkers and nobel prizes
Games on the verge of a nervous breakdown: emotional content in computer games
Spatiotemporal sensitivity and visual attention for efficient rendering of dynamic environments
3D RGB image compression for interactive applications
Smooth patching of refined triangulations
Rendering + modeling + animation + postprocessing = computer graphics
Public policy: public policy update
When the world plague was stopped by a digital artist
Gaming and graphics: computer games, not computer movies
Visualization spaces
Alain Fournier, 1943-2000: an appreciation
A variational method to model G1 surfaces over triangular meshes of arbitrary topology in R3
Theory and application of specular path perturbation
Texture-based visibility for efficient lighting simulation
A collaborative and interdisciplinary computer animation course
Computer graphics in the UK: a few people, places and events
Chapters continue to grow
An open discussion on public policy
Enormous eyes and tiny grasping hands
Confessions of a visualization skeptic
Spatial standardization
Is the technology up to the task?
Graphics: the language of interactive storytelling
Monte Carlo evaluation of non-linear scattering equations for subsurface reflection
Pomegranate: a fully scalable graphics architecture
Patching Catmull-Clark meshes
Interactive manipulation of rigid body simulations
Face fixer: compressing polygon meshes with properties
Conservative volumetric visibility with occluder fusion
Silhouette clipping
Plenoptic sampling
Illuminating micro geometry based on precomputed visibility
Tangible interaction + graphical interpretation: a new approach to 3D modeling
The digital Michelangelo project: 3D scanning of large statues
Sampling plausible solutions to multi-body constraint problems
Image-driven simplification
Surfels: surface elements as rendering primitives
Image-based visual hulls
Image inpainting
Lapped textures
An autostereoscopic display
Out-of-core simplification of large polygonal models
Video textures
Interactive multi-pass programmable shading
Environment matting extensions: towards higher accuracy and real-time capture
QSplat: a multiresolution point rendering system for large meshes
Displaced subdivision surfaces
Acquiring the reflectance field of a human face
The WarpEngine: an architecture for the post-polygonal age
Seamless texture mapping of subdivision surfaces by model pelting and texture blending
A simple, efficient method for realistic animation of clouds
Example-based hinting of true type fonts
Deep shadow maps
Texture potential MIP mapping, a new high-quality texture antialiasing algorithm
Time-dependent visual adaptation for fast realistic image display
Relief texture mapping
Adaptively sampled distance fields: a general representation of shape for computer graphics
Fast texture synthesis using tree-structured vector quantization
A microfacet-based BRDF generator
Piecewise smooth subdivision surfaces with normal control
Accessible animation and customizable graphics via simplicial configuration modeling
Animating explosions
Toward a psychophysically-based light reflection model for image synthesis
Interactive control for physically-based animation
Surface light fields for 3D photography
Computer-generated pen-and-ink illustration of trees
Dynamically reparameterized light fields
Grouping and parameterizing irregularly spaced points for curve fitting
Spectral compression of mesh geometry
Normal meshes
Computer modelling of fallen snow
Timewarp rigid body simulation
Pose space deformation: a unified approach to shape interpolation and skeleton-driven deformation
A fast relighting engine for interactive cinematic lighting design
Style machines
As-rigid-as-possible shape interpolation
Proceedings of the 27th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Progressive geometry compression
Efficient image-based methods for rendering soft shadows
Conservative visibility preprocessing using extended projections
The EMOTE model for effort and shape
Non-photorealistic virtual environments
Illustrating smooth surfaces
Shadows for cel animation
Professional chapters
Student gallery
Virtual kelp forest exhibit
Mystery house
Virtual show hostess — Sunny
Open worlds: diary of roundUP presenter
“They all suck!” (wheras we've been running too fast to do anything but exhale)
Are virtual worlds worth it?
Green and Hopgood share UK computer graphics history
Active Worlds
Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dive visualization
Deepwave: music visualization
Virtual communicator characters
twirl — 3D microbrowser
Real-time immersive performance visualization and steering
Committee addresses controversial subjects…and other topics
Universal media: media-rich content for bandwidth-starved devices
Lunar landing in Web3D
Virtual environments/3DWeb
VRML dream on-line performance
Hypercosm: making 3D programming accessible
la_fabrique: a web3D electronic museum for the binary years
IceBorg: between a rock and a very cold place
Avatar, get a life
It's time for the next web revolution
Teaching computer graphics visual literacy to art and computer science students: advantages, resources and opportunities
Web3D roundUP: looking backward and forwards
Alice: model, paint & animate — easy-to-use interactive graphics for the web
Streaming 3D over the Web
Why participate in the Web3D roundUP?
Is a visualization language possible?
SimsalaGrimm: fairy-tale themed on-line 3D community
Avatars98 and Avatars99: pioneering the medium of 3D internet cyberconferences
Funnelvision web cartoon
Interactive 3D interface for e-business solutions
Escher web-based toy
Using the visual differences predictor to improve performance of progressive global illumination computation
Navigating through triangle meshes implemented as linear quadtrees
Computer graphics around the world: computer graphics in Hong Kong
Visualizing multi-dimensional data
Gaming and graphics: toiling with tools
Professional chapters: professional chapters update
Standards pipeline: work with the SEDRIS organization begins
Rivet: a flexible environment for computer systems visualization
Visfiles: UK team surveys web-based visualization
Education: teaching computer graphics visual literacy to art and computer science students
Application of VisAD in hydrological modeling and simulation
Contributions: from the guest editor
Practical scientific visualization examples
Images and reversals: is visualization no longer a new new thing?
Computer graphics pioneers: looking back…to what's ahead
A three-dimensional computer model of the human heart for studying cardiac fluid dynamics
Conference reports: report of the workshop on rendering, perception, and measurement
Two stepping information technology with visualization: a viewpoint from the U.S. EPA Scientific Visualization Center
Student gallery: imaginary worlds
The role of visualization in understanding a complex forest simulation model
3D visualization development at NOAA forecast systems laboratory
Shadow volume reconstruction from depth maps
Applications of the polynomial s-power basis in geometry processing
Estimating tessellation parameter intervals for rational curves and surfaces
Envisioning the future art exhibition
Visual modeling for computer animation: Graphics with a vision
Visualization at the Australian National University
Real-time interactive storytelling
Public policy committee activities
Summer meeting produces results
An update on the story of computer graphics
Explore the fascinating fusion of computer vision and computer graphics
Student gallery: four schools submit works
Computer vision for computer interaction
Artist discoveries and graphical histories
Image-based modeling and lighting
Annual report shows high activity
Vision in film and special effects
Education column launches new format
From range scans to 3D models
Computer vision applications astound the imagination
Image-based rendering: A new interface between computer vision and computer graphics
From the guest editors
Advancing game graphics: A war of escalation
Vision-assisted image editing
Animation from observation: Motion capture and motion editing
Modeling generalized cylinders via Fourier morphing
A simple method for drawing a rational curve as two Bézier segments
The holodeck ray cache: an interactive rendering system for global illumination in nondiffuse environments
A unified approach for hierarchical adaptive tesselation of surfaces
Large networks present visualization challenges
Smashing images—a review
A look at 3D graphics industry
Armchair resolution: solving the image size problem from the safety and comfort of your own living room
Presenting visual infomation responsibly
Bad graphs, good lessons
Human-centered computing, online communities and virtual environments
The story of computer graphics premiers
What's your perspective?
Data representation issues are profoundly important
Focus on “last mile” bandwidth continues
Are faithfulness and accuracy necessary?
Knowing what we don't know: how to visualize an imperfect world
Computer graphics in Scandanavia
Student gellery: art students featured
Voice puppetry
Cognitive modeling: knowledge, reasoning and planning for intelligent characters
Real-time acoustic modeling for distributed virtual environments
A real-time low-latency hardware light-field renderer
Computing exact shadow irradiance using splines
A hierarchical approach to interactive motion editing for human-like figures
Diffraction shaders
Creating a live broadcast from a virtual environment
Proceedings of the 26th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Fast computation of generalized Voronoi diagrams using graphics hardware
Graphical modeling and animation of brittle fracture
Reflection space image based rendering
Tracing ray differentials
Creating generative models from range images
Inverse global illumination: recovering reflectance models of real scenes from photographs
Teddy: a sketching interface for 3D freeform design
Shape transformation using variational implicit functions
Modeling and rendering of weathered stone
The VolumePro real-time ray-casting system
Subdivision schemes for fluid flow
Digital facial engraving
Interpolating nets of curves by smooth subdivision surfaces
Physically based motion transformation
Multiresolution signal processing for meshes
Walking > walking-in-place > flying, in virtual environments
View-dependent geometry
Direct illumination with lazy visibility evaluation
A practical analytic model for daylight
Realistic, hardware-accelerated shading and lighting
A morphable model for the synthesis of 3D faces
Environment matting and compositing
Skin: a constructive approach to modeling free-form shapes
Feline: fast elliptical lines for anisotropic texture mapping
Art-based rendering of fur, grass, and trees
Robust mesh watermarking
Implicit fairing of irregular meshes using diffusion and curvature flow
Analyzing bounding boxes for object intersection
LCIS: a boundary hierarchy for detail-preserving contrast reduction
Optimization of mesh locality for transparent vertex caching
Computational fluid dynamics in a traditional animation environment
Searchlight and Doppler effects in the visualization of special relativity: a corrected derivation of the transformation of radiance
Six degree-of-freedom haptic rendering using voxel sampling
Pattern-based texturing revisited
Balancing fusion, image depth and distortion in stereoscopic head-tracked displays
Radiance interpolants for accelerated bounded-error ray tracing
A perceptually based physical error metric for realistic image synthesis
Deep compression for streaming texture intensive animations
Stable fluids
Emancipated pixels: real-world graphics in the luminous room
Multi-color and artistic dithering
Automatic image placement to provide a guaranteed frame rate
Multiresolution mesh morphing
ArtDefo: accurate real time deformable objects
Rendering with concentric mosaics
LDI tree: a hierarchical representation for image-based rendering
Comics from the other side
What does it mean to be a CG pioneer?
Make all things make themselves
Dinosaurs—before the beginning
"Last-mile" bandwidth recap and committee survey activity
computer science student works featured
Top ten visualization problems
New possibilities in the introductory graphics course for computer science majors
Everything old is new again: remarking computer games
Chapters wrap up; Minneapolis/St. Paul profile
How real-time technology can improve the quality of life
Techniques for interactive design using the PDE method
Model and representation: the effect of visual feedback on human performance in a color picker interface
Fast and accurate hierarchical radiosity using global visibility
Anisotropic diffusion for Monte Carlo noise reduction
Student art gallery: gallery offers diverse images
Visfiles: visualizing simulation data
Images and reversals: James Clerk Maxwell, working in wet clay
Public policy: new on-line surveys and digital watermarking
Real-time interactive graphics: taking location-based entertainment to the next level
Intentional non-photorealistic rendering
Entertaining the future: colour me primary
Standards pipeline: ongoing standards work makes great strides
Why non-photorealistic rendering?
Comics from the other side
Computer graphics around the world: graphics research at National Centre for Software Technology in India
Computers for artists who work alone
Gaming & graphics: looking for some art amidst the technology
Education: a syllabus survey: examining the state of current practice in introductory computer graphics courses
Contour rendering
"Tour into the picture" as a non-photorealistic animation
Manga and non-photorealistic rendering
From the guest editor
Professional chapters: professional chapters wrap-up; interview with Mitch Butler
Putting the artist in the loop
Personal thoughts on non-photorealistic rendering
Reflectance and texture of real-world surfaces
Two methods for display of high contrast images
Combining constructive and equational geometric constraint-solving techniques
Professional chapters annual report
Transforming spheres—in three parts
Open GL: agent of change or sign of the times?
Real-time interactive graphics
Interaction in 3d graphics
Bowling Green State University excels
Sketching in 3D
Designing special-purpose input devices
Entertaining the past, or "how crime does pay"
Put that where? voice and gesture at the graphics interface
CGW founder shares his experiences
Computer graphics as an enabling technology for cooperative, global applications
A perspective from industry
From the guest editor
User performance in relation to 3D input device design
Embrace your limitations—cut-scenes in computer games
HMDs, caves & chameleon: a human-centric analysis of interaction in virtual space
Implicit surfaces '98
Compatability and interaction style in computer graphics
Imaging and graphics business team addresses opportunities for standardization
Jagged edges: when is filtering needed?
Boundary representation deformation in parametric solid modeling
A multiresolution framework for variational subdivision
A whiter shade of pale
Intelligent virtual worlds continue to develop
From the guest editor: introduction to the history project
Computer graphics in Singapore
Student art gallery
Beyond paint
Computer graphics laboratories
“Seminole” graphics
Trading cards
Professional chapters
Brain drain, reconsidering spatial ability
Simulation in the analog days
Pioneering artists
Equipment exhibits
Standards work intensifies with creation of business teams
VisAD: connecting people to computations and people to people
Computer graphics in court: the Adobe/Quantel case
Painterly rendering with curved brush strokes of multiple sizes
NeuroAnimator: fast neural network emulation and control of physics-based models
Synthesizing realistic facial expressions from photographs
Efficiently using graphics hardware in volume rendering applications
mediaBlocks: physical containers, transports, and controls for online media
A beam tracing approach to acoustic modeling for interactive virtual environments
Making faces
MAPS: multiresolution adaptive parameterization of surfaces
Subdivision surfaces in character animation
The office of the future: a unified approach to image-based modeling and spatially immersive displays
Texture mapping for cel animation
The clipmap: a virtual mipmap
A distributed 3D graphics library
Layered depth images
A perceptually based adaptive sampling algorithm
Progressive forest split compression
A non-photorealistic lighting model for automatic technical illustration
A shading language on graphics hardware: the pixelflow shading system
An anthropometric face model using variational techniques
Multiple-center-of-projection images
Large steps in cloth simulation
Reproducing color images using custom inks
Visibility sorting and compositing without splitting for image layer decompositions
Fast calculation of soft shadow textures using convolution
Interactive reflections on curved objects
Computer-generated floral ornament
Constellation: a wide-range wireless motion-tracking system for augmented reality and virtual set applications
Non-distorted texture mapping for sheared triangulated meshes
Multiple viewpoint rendering
Realistic modeling and rendering of plant ecosystems
Proceedings of the 25th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Recovering photometric properties of architectural scenes from photographs
Retargetting motion to new characters
Progressive radiance evaluation using directional coherence maps
The design of a parallel graphics interface
A new Voronoi-based surface reconstruction algorithm
Techniques for handling video in virtual environments
A multiscale model of adaptation and spatial vision for realistic image display
Appearance-preserving simplification
Non-uniform recursive subdivision surfaces
Efficient simulation of light transport in scences with participating media using photon maps
Real time compression of triangle mesh connectivity
Wires: a geometric deformation technique
Interactive multi-resolution modeling on arbitrary meshes
Rendering synthetic objects into real scenes: bridging traditional and image-based graphics with global illumination and high dynamic range photography
Exact evaluation of Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces at arbitrary parameter values
Computing moments of objects enclosed by piecewise polynomial surfaces
Sampling procedural shaders using affine arithmetic
V-Clip: fast and robust polyhedral collision detection
The attack of the autistic peripherals
3D freebies: a guide to high quality 3D software available via the Internet
Contributions from the Guest Editor
Battlezone—eighteen years later: remaking a classic
Feynmann diagrams and spreading illusions
Students share their work
Do computer games need to be 3D?
Introduction to collaborative visualization
Memories of a vector world
Real-time interactive graphics in computer gaming
An interview with Douglas Adams
Public policy issues featured at numerous conferences
Graphics on the wayback machine
Women in computer graphics
Overview of the Basic Image Interchange Format (BIIF)
Game graphics during the 8-bit computer era
Portrait of the artists in a young industry
Computer graphics in Brazil
PIKS and BIIF explored
Professional Chapters: Chapter Activities Provide Opportunities
Entertaining the Future: Real Animators Don't Rotoscope, Or Do They?
Three-dimensional distance field metamorphosis
Geometric compression through topological surgery
Efficient clipping of arbitrary polygons
Solving the problems that count
The history of computer graphics standards development
Professional chapters news and notes
IEEE international symposium on wearable computers
Augmented reality: “The future's so bright, I gotta wear (see-through) shades”
The shape of things to come
Eurographics '97
Computer graphics in medicine: from visualization to surgery simulation
Interactive 3D graphics for the masses
Celebration at the Fraunhofer Institute
Computer graphics and architecture: state of the art and outlook for the future
Robert L. Schiffman
Computer-aided industrial design
The space between: fine art and technology
Beware of the Qwerty
Computer graphics in the European 5th framework program for research and technological development
Contributions from the guest editor
Money: how to get it for your classroom
Knowing what you don't need to know
3D graphics hardware: where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going
Student art Gallery
The state of computer animation
The bisector surface of rational space curves
The directional parameter plane transform of a height field
Rational parametrizations of nonsingular real cubic surfaces
Digital troglodytes: the computer artist as outsider
The Virtual Explorer
Implicit Surfaces '96
Seeking alternatives to the mouse
Euro-American Workshop on visualization of information and data
Meet the Multimedia Content Association of Japan
The development of international standards
So where is the soul in the machine? A look at content in computer art
Research and technology within the fine arts
The virtual question
Professional chapters
Real art and virtual reality
Wayfinding 2: the lost world
Digital imaging: mediating between interior and exterior worlds
Digital artist as hero
De-emphasizing technology: issues of consciousness, cognition and content in ongoings
Creating art through virtual environments
The simplest subdivision scheme for smoothing polyhedra
Lossless compression of computer generated animation frames
Phong normal interpolation revisited
Interfacing reality (panel): exploring emerging trends between humans and machines
Experiences with virtual reality applications (panel)
Processing images and video for an impressionist effect
Video Rewrite: driving visual speech with audio
What 3D API for Java should I use and why? (panel)
Interactive simulation of fire in virtual building environments
A framework for realistic image synthesis
Can we get there from here? (panel): current challenges in cloth design, modeling and animation
View-dependent simplification of arbitrary polygonal environments
Real-time nonphotorealistic rendering
Community/content/interface (panel): creative online journalism
A model of visual masking for computer graphics
The visibility skeleton: a powerful and efficient multi-purpose global visibility tool
Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Narrative environments (panel): virtual reality as a storytelling medium
The implications of a theory of play for the design of computer toys (panel)
Fake fur rendering
Interactive multiresolution mesh editing
Multiresolution sampling procedure for analysis and synthesis of texture images
Educating the digital artist for the entertainment industry (panel): the collision of academia and business
Object shape and reflectance modeling from observation
Fitting virtual lights for non-diffuse walkthroughs
View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes
The haptic display of complex graphical environments
Motion capture and CG character animation (panel)
Image-based rendering (panel): really new or déjà vu?
Facial animation (panel): past, present and future
Surface simplification using quadric error metrics
The two-user Responsive Workbench: support for collaboration through individual views of a shared space
Computer-generated watercolor
Creating full view panoramic image mosaics and environment maps
Rendering complex scenes with memory-coherent ray tracing
Medical visualization—why we use CG and does it REALLY make a difference in creating meaningful images (panel)
Virtual voyage: interactive navigation in the human colon
Progressive simplicial complexes
Metropolis light transport
Multiperspective panoramas for cel animation
Anatomy-based modeling of the human musculature
Visibility culling using hierarchical occlusion maps
Tour into the picture: using a spidery mesh interface to make animation from a single image
InfiniteReality: a real-time graphics system
Illustrating surface shape in volume data via principal direction-driven 3D line integral convolution
The difference between here and there (panel): what graphic design brings to e-space
The rhetoric of the synthetic (panel): images of the body in technology, business and culture
SCAAT: incremental tracking with incomplete information
Quantifying immersion in virtual reality
Anatomically based modeling
Interactive Boolean operations for conceptual design of 3-D solids
Recovering high dynamic range radiance maps from photographs
A model for simulating the photographic development process on digital images
Sounding off on audio (panel): the future of Internet sound
Orientable textures for image-based pen-and-ink illustration
Antialiasing of curves by discrete pre-filtering
Putting a human face on cyberspace (panel): designing avatars and the virtual worlds they live in
Adapting simulated behaviors for new characters
Moving objects in space: exploiting proprioception in virtual-environment interaction
Fast construction of accurate quaternion splines
Instant radiosity
Computer graphics achievement award: Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Interactive update of global illumination using a line-space hierarchy
Rendering with coherent layers
Efficient bump mapping hardware
Guaranteeing the topology of an implicit surface polygonization for interactive modeling
Design galleries: a general approach to setting parameters for computer graphics and animation
Modeling the motion of a hot, turbulent gas
Non-linear approximation of reflectance functions
Hardware accelerated rendering of antialiasing using a modified a-buffer algorithm
Steven A. Coons award for outstanding creative contributions to computer graphics: James Foley
VisFiles: virtually lost in virtual worlds—wayfinding without a cognitive map
Historical role-playing in virtual worlds: VRML in the history curriculum and beyond
Entertaining the future exploring the “core incompetence” for solutions
Alice: easy to learn interactive 3D graphics
From form to meaning: the visual display of formal design principles, theories, methodologies and contextual issues in a digital interactive environment
Virtual reality the modular way
Teaching graphics through video games
Finding the money: how to locate grant information state by state in the U.S.A.
Standards pipeline PNG, VRML 97, BIIF, imaging standards
Images and reversals: missed opportunities and “dispensable erudition”
The Wandering Eye: an on-line collaboration between students and professional creative artists
Computer graphics pioneers
NICE: combining constructionism, narrative and collaboration in a virtual learning environment
Teaching a three-dimensional computer graphics class using OpenGL
Virtual reality and education program for educators: work-in-progress report on the year-long project
Constructivist strategies for teaching computer imaging: exploring and creating with the seven keys
Combining art skills with programming in teaching computer art graphics
Supporting graphics educators in the United Kingdom
The creative process for university level computer art students
Teaching students the techniques and tricks to create successful multimedia projects (the easy way)
Retrofitting fine art and design education in the age of computer technology
The makings of a successful grant proposal
Publishing or programming?: a framework for the development and presentation of work by children on the World Wide Web
A unified environment for presenting, developing and analyzing graphics algorithms
Extracts from a virtual poem: extending classroom reality?
SDSC science discovery: an introduction to computational science on the World Wide Web
Global illumination using local linear density estimation
Some characterizations of families of surfaces using functional equations
Color image quantization by minimizing the maximum intercluster distance
The symmetric analogue of the polynomial power basis
Smooth invariant interpolation of rotations
Professional chapters
A dodecahedral approach to immersive imaging and display
Future directions in visual display systems
Standards pipeline: the OpenGL specification
Interactive three-dimensional holographic displays: seeing the future in depth
A personal job-seeking odyssey
Japan's view of flat panel displays
VisFiles: presentation techniques for time-series data
New developments for virtual model displays
Color on the World Wide Web: are we doomed to eight-bit color forever?
New options and considerations for creating enhanced viewing experiences
Computer animation and theatre of the absurd: some thoughts
Autostereoscopic displays and computer graphics
The ImmersaDesk and Infinity Wall projection-based virtual reality displays
The end of the CRT?
Big time TV—HDTV/DTV in the U.S.
Computer graphics pioneers
Images and reversals: following the gifts—visual talent and trouble with words
Health issues with virtual reality displays: what we do know and what we don't
A graph-constructive approach to solving systems of geometric constraints
Comparative analysis of the quantization of color spaces on the basis of the CIELAB color-difference formula
An optimal algorithm for expanding the composition of polynomials
Market pioneers: reinventing the computer animation studio
Inside the computer animation studio: where does inspiration come from?
Computer graphics story—a personal overview of computer animation in the movies
Location-based entertainment—small is beautiful!
Computer graphics are brittle
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss
A different kind of artist
In-house vs. off-the-shelf graphic software tools
CGI and I
Digital domain: T2 goes 3D
Art, computer graphics and entertainment
Computer graphics pioneers
The fantastic self-organization in cyberspace
Word bound, the power of seeing
Body noise: subtexts of computers and dance
The evolving art of special effects
New digital technologies and theatre
Computer gaming's new worlds
Art or virtual cinema?
Artists and the art of the luthier
Clustering for glossy global illumination
Multiresolution analysis for surfaces of arbitrary topological type
An efficient surface intersection algorithm based on lower-dimensional formulation
Infrastructure and architecture for cyberspace communities
Virtual environment essential for designing ships
Osmose: towards broadening the aesthetics of virtual reality
Architectural virtual reality applications
Aerospace applications of virtual environment technology
Virtual reality at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Interaction in the virtual studio
VR in radiology—first experiences at University Hospital Utrecht
The virtual brewery adventure
Simulation model design in physical environments
VENUS: a virtual reality project at CERN
Making surgical simulation real
Image shading taking into account relativistic effects
Drawing graphs nicely using simulated annealing
Quadrature prefiltering for high quality antialiasing
Computing the discrepancy with applications to supersampling patterns
Webbed spaces: between exhibition and network (panel)
Advanced television for the United States: status and issues (panel)
The soul of the machine: the search for spirituality in cyberspace (panel)
Issues in networking for entertainment, graphics, and data (panel)
The feudal priority algorithm on hidden-surface removal
Graphics PCs will put workstation graphics in the Smithsonian (panel)
Simplification envelopes
Cognition, perception, and experience in the virtual environment: do you see what I see? (panel)
Virtual reality and mental disorders (panel)
Free-form deformations with lattices of arbitrary topology
Position-based physics: simulating the motion of many highly interacting spheres and polyhedra
SKETCH: an interface for sketching 3D scenes
Hierarchical polygon tiling with coverage masks
Building compelling VRML worlds (panel)
Improv: a system for scripting interactive actors in virtual worlds
Light field rendering
Springing into the fifth decade of computer graphics: where we've been and where we're going!
Germany: computer graphics in computer science and art education
United Kingdom: support group provides national focus for computer graphics education
The virtual cinematographer: a paradigm for automatic real-time camera control and directing
Utilizing CD-ROM in large science classes
Digital stunt doubles: safety through numbers (panel)
Real-time, continuous level of detail rendering of height fields
Limit cycle control and its application to the animation of balancing and walking
Efficient generation of motion transitions using spacetime constraints
Visual models of plants interacting with their environment
Simulating facial surgery using finite element models
Adding force feedback to graphics systems: issues and solutions
Hierarchical image caching for accelerated walkthroughs of complex environments
Rendering parametric surfaces in pen and ink
Live computer animation (panel)
Israel: graphics and visualization education
United States: technology in art education
Images and reversals: talking less, drawing more
Hierarchical view-dependent structures for interactive scene manipulation
Addressing student problems in learning computer graphics
Consequences of stratified sampling in graphics
Fitting smooth surfaces to dense polygon meshes
Australia: universities offer diversity in computer graphics curricula
Global multi-user virtual environments (panel)
Superior augmented reality registration by integrating landmark tracking and magnetic tracking
Image-guided streamline placement
Painterly rendering for animation
Modeling and rendering architecture from photographs: a hybrid geometry- and image-based approach
Blue screen matting
A volumetric method for building complex models from range images
Interpolating Subdivision for meshes with arbitrary topology
Imaging features in advanced graphics architectures (panel)
United States: computer graphics education in computer science undergoing a transformation
Talisman: commodity realtime 3D graphics for the PC
Art on the Web, the Web as art (panel)
Rendering from compressed textures
uisGL: a C++ library to support graphics education
Comic Chat
Multiresolution video
Automatic reconstruction of B-spline surfaces of arbitrary topological type
An effective tool for learning the visual effects of rendering algorithms
Development of a basic two dimensional design course: a comparison between traditional and computer generated methodologies
Portugal: network of institutions cooperate in computer graphics education
The lumigraph
Linear-time dynamics using Lagrange multipliers
France: computer graphics education is blossoming
Disney's Aladdin: first steps toward storytelling in virtual reality
Multimedia coverage of organismal diversity in freshman biology at Clemson University
Breaking the myth: one picture is NOT (always) worth a thousand words (panel)
Progressive meshes
France: our shrinking planet—a birds eye perspective on computer graphics and art education
Modeling and rendering of metallic patinas
Flow and changes in appearance
Technologies for augmented reality systems: realizing ultrasound-guided needle biopsies
Scale-dependent reproduction of pen-and-ink illustrations
The future of virtual reality: head mounted displays versus spatially immersive displays (panel)
Combining frequency and spatial domain information for fast interactive image noise removal
Proceedings of the 23rd annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Japan: computer graphics art and design education
OBBTree: a hierarchical structure for rapid interference detection
View morphing
A model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis
A framework for interactive texturing on curved surfaces
Italy: an explosion of subdisciplines in computer graphics education
Coarse-grained parallelism for hierarchical radiosity using group iterative methods
Standards pipeline
Interactive multiresolution surface viewing
VC-1: a scalable graphics computer with virtual local frame buffers
Interactive teaching modules for computer graphics
Daylight visual effects: an interactive multimedia courseware prototype for beginning design students
How to teach graphics using X (and live to tell about it)
Turkey: a report on computer graphics education
VRML: prelude and future (panel)
Display of clouds taking into account multiple anisotropic scattering and sky light
Computer graphics education directory
Reproducing color images as duotones
A cellular texture basis function
Reconstructing curved surfaces from specular reflection patterns using spline surface fitting of normals
The virtual Meiji village
China: computer graphics education available at universities, institutes and training centers
Sweden: survey of computer graphics and visualization education
Corcoran online: a unique, college-level distance learning experience
Spain: computer graphics education evolves with curricula structure
Russia: computer graphics education takes off in the 1990s
Adaptive isocurve-based rendering for freeform surfaces
Approximating polyhedra with spheres for time-critical collision detection
Static analysis yields efficient exact integer arithmetic for computational geometry
Moving cursor plane for interactive sculpting
United Kingdom: computer graphics work covers the full spectrum
United States of America: state of the art in computer graphics
Italy: double-digit revenue increase marks 1995
Scandinavia: computer graphics “roots” with color ink jet plotters
Turkey: state of the art in computer graphics—the Turkish scene
Japan: computer graphics research activities
Germany: performance indicators, markets and applications
Russia: computer graphics—between the past and the future
France: moving fast to keep pace in an ever-changing technological environment
Israel: state of the art of computer graphics
China: computer graphics is fastest developing computer application
Brazil: a well established academic community and a fast emerging market
Australia: services dominated; strong advanced applications and software industry
Comparison of surface and derivative evaluation methods for the rendering of NURB surfaces
Evaluating stereo and motion cues for visualizing information nets in three dimensions
An approach to 3D pose determination
Time/space tradeoffs for polygon mesh rendering
Creating 3D real time video games
Computer graphics education in the Czech Republic
GraphicsNet '95: integrated voice, video, graphics and data network using asynchronous transfer made (ATM)
Telemedicine and shared multidimensional workspaces
A simple naturalistic hair model
The professional chapter and the WWW: why, when, and how to publish
Global illumination of glossy environments using wavelets and importance
Sticky splines: definition and manipulation of spline structures with maintained topological relations
Monte Carlo techniques for direct lighting calculations
Visual literacy and the design of digital media
Integrating XTANGO's animator into the SR concurrent programming language
Digital literacy: visual communication and computer images
Special focus: visual literacy
Digital art: the new literacy, a personal view of the evolution of art issues
Virtual environments in K–12 learning and discovery: a grand challenge in education?
Top ten blunders by visual designers
Steven A. Coons award for outstanding creative contributions to computer graphics: José Luis Encarnaçã
1 picture = 1000 words: what language are we speaking?
Literacy in virtual reality: a new medium
Forward into the past: a revival of old visual talents with computer visualization
Computer graphics achievement award: Kurt Akeley
The power and the frailty of images: is a picture worth a thousand words?
Visual illiteracy: implications in the development of scientific visualization software
Smooth B-spline illumination maps for bidirectional ray tracing
Further experience with controller-based automatic motion synthesis for articulated figures
Hierarchical triangulation for multiresolution surface description
Modeling surfaces of arbitrary topology using manifolds
Physically-based glare effects for digital images
Interactive multimedia (panel session): a new creative frontier or just a new commodity?
Applications of irradiance tensors to the simulation of non-Lambertian phenomena
Versatile and efficient techniques for simulating cloth and other deformable objects
Artistic screening
Computer graphics achievement award
Videogame industry overview (panel session): technology, markets, content, future
Animating human athletics
Multiresolution analysis of arbitrary meshes
An integrated environment to visually construct 3D animations
Plenoptic modeling: an image-based rendering system
Extracting surfaces from fuzzy 3D-ultrasound data
Aesthetics & tools in the virtual environment (panel session)
3D graphics through the Internet—a “shoot-out” (panel session)
Integrating interactive graphics techniques with future technologies (panel session)
TicTacToon: a paperless system for professional 2D animation
Pyramid-based texture analysis/synthesis
Interactive physically-based manipulation of discrete/continuous models
Motion signal processing
Image snapping
Navigation and locomotion in virtual worlds via flight into hand-held miniatures
Fast multiresolution image querying
A frequency based ray tracer
Automatic reconstruction of surfaces and scalar fields from 3D scans
Specializing shaders
Geometry compression
Animating soft substances with implicit surfaces
Analytic antialiasing with prism splines
Set-top boxes—the next platform (panel)
Stratified sampling of spherical triangles
Feature-based control of visibility error: a multi-resolution clustering algorithm for global illumination
Standardisation—opportunity or constraint? (panel session)
Cellular texture generation
A signal processing approach to fair surface design
Steven A. Coons award for outstanding creative contributions to computer graphics
Spherical wavelets: efficiently representing functions on the sphere
New developments in animation production for video games (panel session)
An interactive tool for placing curved surfaces without interpenetration
Time-dependent three-dimensional intravascular ultrasound
Motion warping
X-splines: a spline model designed for the end-user
Live paint: painting with procedural multiscale textures
Intelligent scissors for image composition
QuickTime VR: an image-based approach to virtual environment navigation
A general construction scheme for unit quaternion curves with simple high order derivatives
A frequency-domain analysis of head-motion prediction
A national research agenda for virtual reality (panel): report by the National Research Council Committee on VR R&D
Multi-level direction of autonomous creatures for real-time virtual environments
David vs. Goliath or mice vs. men? (panel session): production studio size in the entertainment industry
Optimally combining sampling techniques for Monte Carlo rendering
Decorating implicit surfaces
Implicitization using moving curves and surfaces
Proceedings of the 22nd annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Visualizing the Internet (panel session): putting the user in the driver's seat
Rendering interactive holographic images
Museums without walls (panel session): new media for new museums
Automated learning of muscle-actuated locomotion through control abstraction
Visual effects technology—do we have any? (panel session)
Depicting fire and other gaseous phenomena using diffusion processes
Feature-based volume metamorphosis
Realistic modeling for facial animation
Polygon-assisted JPEG and MPEG compression of synthetic images
Stochastic screening dithering with adaptive clustering
Performing work within virtual environments (panel session)
A realistic camera model for computer graphics
Image metamorphosis using snakes and free-form deformations
Fourier principles for emotion-based human figure animation
Algorithms and the artist (panel session)
Polygonization of non-manifold implicit surfaces
Grids, guys and gals: are you oppressed by the Cartesian coordinate system? (panel session)
AutoKey: human assisted key extraction
Creation and rendering of realistic trees
Correction of geometric perceptual distortions in pictures
Fast and resolution independent line integral convolution
Design and integration of visualization tools for the graphics classroom
Integrating World Wide Web technology into courses in computer graphics and scientific visualization
Computers in arts and design education: impregnating the digital world with texture, dust, and noise
Mapping the learning curve: integrating computer-based training in a design arts curriculum
Fine art and pure science: the coincidence of the sublime and the rational in computer art education
A 3D sketching tool: an MA computing in design research project
Cultural transformations: morphing sensibility
Representing representation: making a computer draw like a child: an MA computing in design research project
Radiosity and hybrid methods
An empirical study of algorithms for point-feature label placement
Geometric programming: a programming approach to geometric design
Corrigendum: Topological considerations in isosurface generation
A chemical collaboratory using Explorer EyeChem and the common client interface
Visualization, virtual reality, and animation within the data flow model of computing
Creating 3D models from medical images using AVS: a user's perspective
Modular visualization environments: past, present, and future
IRIS Explorer: a framework for investigation
Cantata: visual programming environment for the Khoros system
Evaluation of visualization software
Extending the capabilities of the human visual system: an introduction to enhanced reality
From a modular visualization environment to an environment for computational problem solving
Is an MVE the right environment for your visualization application?
Improving the application development process with modular visualization environments
apE—the original dataflow visualization environment
An extended data-flow architecture for data analysis and visualization
Euphrates: a system for automatic introduction of data parallelism into modular applications
An object oriented visual programming language toolkit
High-performance visual programming environments: goals and considerations
Spray rendering as a modular visualization environment
A workshop on standards for facial animation
Modeling with cubic A-patches
Smoothing polyhedra made easy
Surface fitting with hierarchical splines
Direct construction of polynomial surfaces from dense range images through region growing
SIGkids 94: a conference experience
Logical screen operations for graphics software fuzzy QA
Teaching computational geometry
Computer graphics in context: one student's project
Using visual texture for information display
Adjoint equations and random walks for illumination computation
Device-directed rendering
Intersecting solids on a massively parallel processor
Radiosity on-line: a bibliography
Computer sculpture—new horizons
Virtual reality—what will it do to you?: the future of work and play for computer graphics professionals
Advice from Florida Professional Chapters: No Chapter Is an Island: Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale Chapters Tell How to Do It Right
There are no philosophic problems raised by virtual reality
Faculty guidelines in computer-based media in fine art and design
Planning Your Special Events: A Quick How-to Primer
Computer Graphics in Enchanting New Mexico
The engineering of vision and the aesthetics of computer art
A review of the fractal image compression literature
Topological considerations in isosurface generation
Height distributional distance transform methods for height field ray tracing
Inverse kinematics positioning using nonlinear programming for highly articulated figures
On the lower degree intersections of two natural quadrics
Computer graphics education in Germany
A nontraditional computer graphics course for computer science students
Computer graphics curriculum: time for a change?
Computer graphics in the undergraduate biology laboratory
Yaged: a teaching resource for image manipulation, Xlib graphics and usability engineering
Standards column
Introduction to the modeling of plants and flowers using string rewriting
Evolving virtual creatures
Generalization of Lambert's reflectance model
Accelerated MPEG compression of dynamic polygonal scenes
NC milling error assessment and tool path correction
Textures and radiosity: controlling emission and reflection with texture maps
A framework for the analysis of error in global illumination algorithms
TBAG: a high level framework for interactive, animated 3D graphics applications
Error-bounded antialiased rendering of complex environments
Frameless rendering: double buffering considered harmful
Art and technology: very large scale integration
Visual simulation of lightning
Hierarchical spacetime control
Proceedings of the 21st annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Fast computation of shadow boundaries using spatial coherence and backprojections
Production for the long haul
A fast shadow algorithm for area light sources using backprojection
Animated conversation: rule-based generation of facial expression, gesture & spoken intonation for multiple conversational agents
Partitioning and ordering large radiosity computations
Fast contact force computation for nonpenetrating rigid bodies
Drawing and animation using skeletal strokes
Computer graphics, are we forcing people to evolve?
Hardware accelerated rendering of CSG and transparency
Reading the fine print: what benchmarks don't tell you
Determinants of immersivity in virtual reality: graphics vs. action
Predicting the drape of woven cloth using interacting particles
Priority rendering with a virtual reality address recalculation pipeline
Rotated dispersed dither: a new technique for digital halftoning
Wavelength dependent reflectance functions
A clustering algorithm for radiosity in complex environments
Computer-generated pen-and-ink illustration
Computer graphics for architecture and design presentations: current work and trends outside the U.S.
Free-form shape design using triangulated surfaces
Bounds and error estimates for radiosity
The RADIANCE lighting simulation and rendering system
Efficient algorithms for local and global accessibility shading
Smooth spline surfaces over irregular meshes
Why is 3-D interaction so hard and what can we really do about it?
Computer technology and the artistic process: how the computer industry changes the form and function of art
Animating images with drawings
A virtual environment and model of the eye for surgical simulation
Approaches to teaching introductory computer graphics
Improving static and dynamic registration in an optical see-through HMD
Low cost illumination computation using an approximation of light wavefronts
Zippered polygon meshes from range images
Reflection vector shading hardware
Optimization—an emerging tool in computer graphics
Artificial fishes: physics, locomotion, perception, behavior
The irradiance Jacobian for partially occluded polyhedral sources
A model for efficient and flexible image computing
3D position, attitude and shape input using video tracking of hands and lips
Displacement mapping using flow fields
Spreadsheets for images
Is visualization REALLY necessary?: the role of visualization in science, engineering, and medicine
Information visualization: the next frontier
Fast volume rendering using a shear-warp factorization of the viewing transformation
Synthetic topiary
Interactive pen-and-ink illustration
Energy preserving non-linear filters
IRIS performer: a high performance multiprocessing toolkit for real-time 3D graphics
A generalized de Casteljau approach to 3D free-form deformation
Planning motions with intentions
Multiresolution curves
Polarization and birefringency considerations in rendering
FBRAM: a new form of memory optimized for 3D graphics
Illumination in diverse codimensions
Efficient techniques for interactive texture placement
Using particles to sample and control implicit surfaces
Exploiting networks for visualization and collaboration: no network roadblocks?
Multiresolution painting and compositing
Piecewise smooth surface reconstruction
Method of displaying optical effects within water using accumulation buffer
Computer graphics and economic transformations
Research frontiers in virtual reality
Smart telepointers: maintaining telepointer consistency in the presence of user interface customization
User interface specification using an enhanced spreadsheet model
Projectively invariant intersection detections for solid modeling
Visualizing quaternion rotation
Corrigenda: intersection algorithms for lines and circles
Exact integer hybrid subdivision and forward differencing of cubics
Interactivity and individual viewpoint in shared virtual worlds: the big screen vs. networked personal displays
The design of virtual environments—value added entertainment
The ins & outs of non-linear storytelling
Some perspectives on visual depth perception
United States Patent Office: stereoscopic-television apparatus for individual use
Notes on experience design
Entertainment driven collaboration
Placeholder: landscape and narrative in virtual environments
Real interactivity in interactive entertainment
Theme park computer graphics and interactivity
Manual control with delays: a bibliography
Theaters of illusion: the continuing evolution of entertainment simulation
Military networking technology applied to location-based, theme park and home entertainment systems
Survey of high performance image generators: RTG's staff rounds up the machines that make pictures in real time
What makes virtual systems a reality
Digital illusions for theme park visualization
If VR is so great, why are VR entertainment systems so poor?
Interactive edutainment on the Internet
Inspiring the future: merging mass communication, art, entertainment and virtual environments
Dynamic NURBS with geometric constraints for interactive sculpting
Simple constrained deformations for geometric modeling and interactive design
Multiresolution stochastic hybrid shape models with fractal priors
Interactive design of smooth objects with probabilistic point constraints
A movie star has to star in hypertext: storyspace and the (re-)interpretation of the printed play script
Content-based retrieval in multimedia databases
Analyzing user interactions with hypermedia systems
Interactive data visualization in qualitative research
The ethics and aesthetics of the image interface
The use of hypermedia data to enhance design
Managing networked multimedia data
Usable software in advanced educational computing projects
Producing interactive multimedia computer-based learning projects
Research-guided design of multimedia research tools
Bridging across content and tools
Challenges facing researchers using multimedia data: tools for layering significance
Distance approximations for rasterizing implicit curves
Algorithms for intersecting parametric and algebraic curves I: simple intersections
Three-dimensional alpha shapes
Separating and intersecting spherical polygons: computing machinability on three-, four-, and five-axis numerically controlled machines
Higher-order interpolation and least-squares approximation using implicit algebraic surfaces
User-interface devices for rapid and exact number specification
Inferring constraints from multiple snapshots
Pad: an alternative approach to the computer interface
An object-oriented library for hierarchical animation sequences
Imaging vector fields using line integral convolution
Efficient, fair interpolation using Catmull-Clark surfaces
Spatial anti-aliasing for animation sequences with spatio-temporal filtering
Virtual reality and computer graphics programming
Discrete groups and visualization of three-dimensional manifolds
Introduction to the computer graphics reference model
An interactive 3D toolkit for constructing 3D widgets
Digital illusion: theme park visualization
Painting with light
EXACT: algorithm and hardware architecture for an improved A-buffer
Implementing rotation matrix constraints in Analog VLSI
Multimedia and interactivity in the antipodes
Wavelet radiosity
A hierarchical illumination algorithm for surfaces with glossy reflection
Smooth transitions between bump rendering algorithms
Interactive texture mapping
Ubiquitous computing and augmented reality
Frequency domain volume rendering
Merging 3-D graphics and imaging: applications and issues
Real virtuality: StereoLithography—rapid prototyping in 3-D
Updating computer animation (panel): an interdisciplinary approach
Combining hierarchical radiosity and discontinuity meshing
Hierarchical Z-buffer visibility
On the form factor between two polygons
Mesh optimization
Leo: a system for cost effective 3D shaded graphics
Galerkin radiosity: a higher order solution method  for global illumination
Visualizing environmental data sets
Correcting for short-range spatial non-linearities of CRT-based output devices
The nanomanipulator: a virtual-reality interface for a scanning tunneling microscope
Space diffusion: an improved parallel halftoning technique using space-filling curves
Reality Engine graphics
Critical art/interactive art/virtual art: rethinking computer art
Global visibility algorithms for illumination computations
Toolglass and magic lenses: the see-through interface
What do you do when you are done?: a self-help guide for recent college graduates entering the field of computer graphics
Surround-screen projection-based virtual reality: the design and implementation of the CAVE
An implicit formulation for precise contact modeling between flexible solids
Reflection from layered surfaces due to subsurface scattering
Radiosity algorithms using higher order finite element methods
Animation of plant development
Linear color representations for full speed spectral rendering
Spacetime constraints revisited
Man vs. mouse
2-D shape blending: an intrinsic solution to the vertex path problem
Proceedings of the 20th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
The integrative use of computers in a medical university
Modeling soil: realtime dynamic models for soil slippage and manipulation
VIEW: an exploratory molecular visualization system with user-definable interaction sequences
Turbulent wind fields for gaseous phenomena
Sensor-actuator networks
Display of the earth taking into account atmospheric scattering
Visual thinkers in an age of computer visualization: problems and possibilities
The applications of evolutionary and biological processes to computer art and animation
Facilitating learning with computer graphics and multimedia
Graphics rendering architecture for a high performance desktop workstation
Motion compensated compression of computer animation frames
View interpolation for image synthesis
How to lie and confuse with visualization
Nan-o-sex and virtual seduction
Radioptimization: goal based rendering
Interval methods for multi-point collisions between time-dependent curved surfaces
Autocalibration for virtual environments tracking hardware
Adaptive display algorithm for interactive frame rates during visualization of complex virtual environments
Urban tech-gap: how the museum/university liaisons propose to create a learning ladder for visual literacy
Robust rendering of general ellipses and elliptical arcs
Fourier volume rendering
A family of tangent continuous cubic algebraic splines
Experimental comparison of splines using the shape-matching paradigm
A Markovian framework for digital halftoning
Second-order surface analysis using hybrid symbolic and numeric operators
Functional composition algorithms via blossoming
Separation for boundary to CSG conversion
Dimension-independent modeling with simplicial complexes
Polar forms for geometrically continuous spline curves of arbitrary degree
Adjustable tools: an object-oriented interaction metaphor
Parkland Community College scientific visualization program
Photographic rendering of environmental graphics in context: a collaboration between art and science made simple
1993 computer graphics education directory
Graphics education for computer science: panel report
Modeling pigmented materials for realistic image synthesis
A practical approach to calculating luminance contrast on a CRT
Precision requirements for digital color reproduction
Color quantization by dynamic programming and principal analysis
An analysis of selected computer interchange color spaces
Navigating the video maze
Research directions in virtual environments: report of an NSF Invitational Workshop, March 23-24, 1992, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Visualization at the University of British Columbia
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Visualization Center
A design to use computational science for archaeological interpretation
The Advanced Visualization Laboratory of the University of Maryland, College Park
1991 Steven A. Coons Award Lecture
Scientific Visualization at the University of Leeds
Visualization Research at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Visualization '91 workshop report: scientific visualization environments
A survey of algorithms for volume visualization
Visualization at The University of Iowa
X3H3 standards report
Directory of educational discounts, donations, and grants
Pictures, poseurs, and posers
Computing the antipenumbra of an area light source
An object-oriented 3D graphics toolkit
PixelFlow: high-speed rendering using image composition
High resolution virtual reality
A fast and accurate light reflection model
Through-the-lens camera control
The interaction technique notebook: Bookmarks: an enhanced scroll bar
Sound rendering
An algorithm with linear complexity for interactive, physically-based modeling of large proteins
Using deformations to explore 3D widget design
Surface modeling with oriented particle systems
Interval arithmetic recursive subdivision for implicit functions and constructive solid geometry
Illumination from curved reflectors
Functional optimization for fair surface design
Scheduled Fourier volume morphing
Smoothing polyhedra using implicit algebraic splines
Pump it up: computer animation of a biomechanically based model of muscle using the finite element method
Generative modeling: a symbolic system for geometric modeling
Interactive spacetime control for animation
A scalable hardware render accelerator using a modified scanline algorithm
Getting raster ellipses right
Measuring and modeling anisotropic reflection
Dynamic simulation of non-penetrating flexible bodies
Feature-based image metamorphosis
Re-tiling polygonal surfaces
Decimation of triangle meshes
Predicting reflectance functions from complex surfaces
The interaction technique notebook: Adding shadows to a 3D cursor
Merging virtual objects with the real world: seeing ultrasound imagery within the patient
Octrees for faster isosurface generation
A collision-based model of spiral phyllotaxis
Dressing animated synthetic actors with complex deformable clothes
Interval analysis for computer graphics
Topological design of sculptured surfaces
CONDOR: constraint-based dataflow
Shape transformation for polyhedral objects
Dynamic deformation of solid primitives with constraints
Surfaces from contours
Fast shadows and lighting effects using texture mapping
Interactive inspection of solids: cross-sections and interferences
Surface reconstruction from unorganized points
A new, fast method for 2D polygon clipping: analysis and software implementation
Modeling seashells
A simple method for extracting the natural beauty of hair
Proceedings of the 19th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Variational surface modeling
Smooth interpolation of orientations with angular velocity constraints using quaternions
Three dimensional apparel CAD system
Direct manipulation of free-form deformations
A physically based approach to 2–D shape blending
An importance-driven radiosity algorithm
A telecomputer
Visibility-ordering meshed polyhedra
Estimating subdivision depths for rational curves and surfaces
An algorithm for generating NC tool paths for arbitrarily shaped pockets with islands
Creating multisided rational Bézier surfaces using base points
Double-step incremental linear interpolation
Refinement methods for geometric bounds in constructive solid geometry
Algebraic surface design with Hermite interpolation
Tree visualization with tree-maps: 2-d space-filling approach
A simple output-sensitive algorithm for hidden surface removal
An extension of manifold boundary representations to the r-sets
Computer graphics education in Czechoslovakia
An updated cross-indexed guide to the ray-tracing literature
Rendering curves and surfaces with hybrid subdivision and forward differencing
Editorial: Looking back. Looking ahead
Book Review: Lindenmayer Systems, Fractals, and Plants by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and James Hanan (Lecture Notes in Biomathematics #79, Springer-Verlag, 1989)
Using multivariate resultants to find the intersection of three quadric surfaces
Closed smooth piecewise bicubic surfaces
Locally controllable conic splines with curvature continuity
Design and simulation of opera lighting and projection effects
Coping with friction for non-penetrating rigid body simulation
Discovery through experimentation: Art and educational computing in secondary schools
Computer graphics in Computing Curriculum 1991
Book Review: Graphics Gems ed. by Glassner, Andrew S. Academic Press, 1990, 833 pp. including code appendices and index.
A rapid hierarchical radiosity algorithm
Digital halftoning with space filling curves
A workshop on computer graphics for undergraduate faculty
Efficient antialiased rendering of 3-D linear fractals
Virtual reality learning environments: potentials and challenges
TUGS—a tool for teaching computer graphics
Hierarchical splatting: a progressive refinement algorithm for volume rendering
Specifying gestures by example
Visibility preprocessing for interactive walkthroughs
A global illumination solution for general reflectance distributions
Piecewise surface flattening for non-distorted texture mapping
An object-oriented framework for the integration of interactive animation techniques
Unbiased sampling techniques for image synthesis
Sculpting: an interactive volumetric modeling technique
An engineering graphics curriculum model with multidisciplinary implications
Making radiosity usable: automatic preprocessing and meshing techniques for the generation of accurate radiosity solutions
A coherent projection approach for direct volume rendering
A linear time Oslo algorithm
Trichromatic approximation for computer graphics illumination models
A progressive multi-pass method for global illumination
A comprehensive physical model for light reflection
Turning point preserving planar interpolation
Integrating computer graphics into design education
Motion without movement
Computer graphics and architectural design
Artificial evolution for computer graphics
An efficient antialiasing technique
Inkwell: A 2-D animation system
The standards pipeline
Spot noise texture synthesis for data visualization
Numerically stable implicitization of cubic curves
Proceedings of the 18th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Reaction-diffusion textures
Volumetric shape description of range data using “Blobby Model”
Deformable curve and surface finite-elements for free-form shape design
Considerations in teaching a two quarter computer graphics sequence
Generating textures on arbitrary surfaces using reaction-diffusion
Report on the Computer Graphics and Education '91 Conference
Interactive behaviors for bipedal articulated figures
Model-based matching and hinting of fonts
A new simple and efficient antialiasing with subpixel masks
Spectrally optimal sampling for distribution ray tracing
Animation of dynamic legged locomotion
Animation aerodynamics
Mathematics Education Using Computer Graphics (panel summary)
Geometrically deformed models: a method for extracting closed geometric models form volume data
Automated generation of intent-based 3D Illustrations
Convolution surfaces
Interdisciplinary collaboration case study in computer graphics education: “Venus & Milo”
What next? A provocative look at curriculum, creativity and organization in teaching artists and designers to use computers
Generalized implicit functions for computer graphics
Computer animation of knowledge-based human grasping
MARS NAVIGATOR: an interactive, multimedia exploration of the red planet
Automating the lexical and syntactic design of graphical user interfaces: the UofA* UIMS
NC machining with G-buffer method
Animated free-form deformation: an interactive animation technique
Getting to the “graphics” in a graphics exercise
Task-analytic approach to the automated design of graphic presentations
A survey of computer graphics image encoding and storage formats
A triangulation algorithm from arbitrary shaped multiple planar contours
Interactive measurement of three-dimensional objects using a depth buffer and linear probe
How to make a visually realistic 3D display
Integer forward differencing of cubic polynomials: analysis and algorithms
Drawing antialiased cubic spline curves
Depth-order point classification techniques for CSG display algorithms
Efficient Delaunay triangulation using rational arithmetic
A general framework for visualizing abstract objects and relations
Book Review: ISO Standards for Computer Graphics: The First Generation by Arnold, D. B ., and D. A. Duce (Kent, England, Butterworths, 1990, 253 pp. and index, ISBN-0-408-04017-3.
Direct volume rendering of curvilinear volumes
Volume probes: interactive data exploration on arbitrary grids
Rendering volumetric data using STICKS representation scheme
Area and volume coherence for efficient visualization of 3D scalar functions
Topological considerations in isosurface generation extended abstract
A decomposition algorithm for visualizing irregular grids
3D modeling using an extended cell enumeration representation
Raytracing irregular volume data
Volume rendering and data feature enhancement
A polygonal approximation to direct scalar volume rendering
Octrees for faster isosurface generation
Three-pass affine transforms for volume rendering
An efficient method for volume rendering using perspective projection
Contour tracing by piecewise linear approximations
A simple method for improved color printing of monitor images
An investigation of curvature variations over recursively generated B-spline surfaces
Fast line scan-conversion
The rendering architecture of the DN10000VS
Using tolerances to guarantee valid polyhedral modeling results
Particle transport and image synthesis
The accumulation buffer: hardware support for high-quality rendering
A model for anisotropic reflection
Extended free-form deformation: a sculpturing tool for 3D geometric modeling
Adaptive mesh generation for global diffuse illumination
Rendering CSG models with a ZZ-buffer
Incremental radiosity: an extension of progressive radiosity to an interactive image synthesis system
Curved surfaces and coherence for non-penetrating rigid body simulation
Geometric collisions for time-dependent parametric surfaces
An efficient radiosity solution for bump texture generation
Footprint evaluation for volume rendering
Parallel object-space hidden surface removal
Comprehensible rendering of 3-D shapes
Ray tracing trimmed rational surface patches
Direct WYSIWYG painting and texturing on 3D shapes: An error occurred during the printing of this article that reversed the print order of pages 118 and 119. While we have corrected the sort order of the 2 pages in the DL, the PDF did not allow us to repaginate the 2 pages.
Rapid controlled movement through a virtual 3D workspace
Accurate rendering technique based on colorimetric conception
Proceedings of the 17th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Building block shaders
Hidden curve removal for free form surfaces
Fast animation and control of nonrigid structures
Particle animation and rendering using data parallel computation
Generalized B-spline surfaces of arbitrary topology
Antialiasing of interlaced video animation
A language for shading and lighting calculations
Reusable motion synthesis using state-space controllers
Dynamic simulation of autonomous legged locomotion
High speed high quality antialiased vector generation
Performance-driven facial animation
A lighting model aiming at drive simulators
Real-time robot motion planning using rasterizing computer graphics hardware
Rapid, stable fluid dynamics for computer graphics
Adaptive radiosity textures for bidirectional ray tracing
Rendering and animation of gaseous phenomena by combining fast volume and scanline A-buffer techniques
A method of generating stone wall patterns
Paint by numbers: abstract image representations
Merging BSP trees yields polyhedral set operations
Light-water interaction using backward beam tracing
Project GROPEHaptic displays for scientific visualization
Artificial reality with force-feedback: development of desktop virtual space with compact master manipulator
Strength guided motion
Quartic Beta-splines
Efficient ray tracing of volume data
Computation of the axial view of a set of isothetic parallelepipeds
Rasterization of nonparametric curves
A butterfly subdivision scheme for surface interpolation with tension control
Improper intersection of algebraic curves
On the construction of surfaces interpolating curves. I. A method for handling nonconstant parameter curves
Two remarks on Tau-splines
The RGYB color geometry
Solid representation and operation using extended octrees
Snap-dragging in three dimensions
Interactive real-time articulated figure manipulation using multiple kinematic constraints
Improving interaction with radiosity-based lighting simulation programs
Tracing interactive 3D graphics programs
Reality built for two: a virtual reality tool
T-buffer: fast visualization of relativistic effects in space-time
Automatic illustration of 3D geometric models: lines
The ThingWorld modeling system: virtual sculpting by modal forces
Interactive techniques for implicit modeling
Real time spline curves from interactively sketched data
Interactive dynamics
Gaze-directed volume rendering
Visualization methods and simulation steering for a 3D turbulence model of Lake Erie
A real-time optical 3D tracker for head-mounted display systems
Towards image realism with interactive update rates in complex virtual building environments
Direct interaction with a 3D volumetric environment
3D paint
Real-time digital of virtual acoustic environments
Distributing display lists on a multicomputer
Visualizing n-dimensional virtual worlds with n-vision
Exploration and virtual camera control in virtual three dimensional environments
Acceleration techniques for progressive refinement radiosity
Control of a virtual actor: the roach
Real time radiosity through parallel processing and hardware acceleration
Rational hypersurface display
Computational complexity versus virtual worlds
A tool for dynamic explorations of color mappings
Design for interactive performance in a virtual laboratory
A viewer for mathematical structures and surfaces in 3D
Feeling and seeing: issues in force display
The virtual erector set: dynamic simulation with linear recursive constraint propagation
Physical modeling with B-spline surfaces for interactive design and animation
The implementation of an algorithm to find the convex hull of a set of three-dimensional points
A two-dimensional view controller
Extending the radiosity method to include specularly reflecting and translucent materials
Simulation of simplicity: a technique to cope with degenerate cases in geometric algorithms
Multidimensional icons
Performing geometric transformations by program transformation
Knot insertion for Beta-spline curves and surfaces
Automatic parameterization of rational curves and surfaces IV: algebraic space curves
Rational continuity: parametric, geometric, and Frenet frame continuity of rational curves
Blending algebraic surfaces
On local implicit approximation and its applications
A generalized Ball curve and its recursive algorithm
The displacement method for implicit blending surfaces in solid models
1989 computer graphics education directory
Distributed graphics: where to draw the lines?
Operating systems and graphic user interfaces
Incremental computation of planar maps
Preparing for the future
From splines to fractals
Retrospectives II: the early years in computer graphics at MIT, Lincoln Lab, andd Harvard
Digital canvas: artists and designers in the 2D/3D marketplace
An efficient algorithm for hidden surface removal
Automatic parsing of degenerate quadric-surface intersections
Proceedings of the 16th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Analytical methods for dynamic simulation of non-penetrating rigid bodies
The multi-Media workstation
A characterization of ten rasterization techniques
A multisided generalization of Bézier surfaces
Real-time rendering of trimmed surfaces
Computer art - an oxymoron? Views from the mainstream
Effective software systems for scientific data visualization
Separable image warping with spatial lookup tables
HDTV (Hi-Vision) computer graphics
Hardware/software solutions for scientfic visualization at large reserach laboratories
Three dimensional Terrain modeling and display for environmental assessment
Simulation of object and human skin formations in a grasping task
Algorithms for solid noise synthesis
Improving radiosity solutions through the use of analytically determined form-factors
Illumination networks: fast realistic rendering with general reflectance functions
Near real-time shadow generation using BSP trees
A general two-pass method integrating specular and diffuse reflection
Virtual environments and interactivity: windows to the future
Layered construction for deformable animated characters
A two-view approach to constructing user interfaces
Hardware acceleration for Window systems
An efficient 3-D visualization technique for finite element models and other coarse volumes
Antialiased ray tracing by adaptive progressive refinement
Physically-based modeling: past, present, and future
Local generalized Hermite interpolation by quartic C2 space curves
Goal-directed, dynamic animation of human walking
The synthesis and rendering of eroded fractal terrains
The pixel machine: a parallel image computer
Combinatorial analysis of ramified patterns and computer imagery of trees
Future directions in desktop video
Metamouse: specifying graphical procedures by example
Blending parametric surfaces
Pixel-planes 5: a heterogeneous multiprocessor graphics system using processor-enhanced memories
Voxel space automata: modeling with stochastic growth processes in voxel space
Rendering cubic curves and surfaces with integer adaptive forward differencing
Parameterized Ray-tracing
Scan line display of algebraic surfaces
Speech and audio in window systems: when will they happen?
Accurate color reproduction for computer graphics applications
Ray tracing deterministic 3-D fractals
Retrospectives I: the early years in computer graphics at MIT, Lincoln Lab, and Harvard
A geometric characterization of parametric cubic curves
A Ray tracing algorithm for progressive radiosity
Computer graphics visualization for acoustic simulation
Curve-to-curve associations in spline-based inbetweening and sweeping
Rendering fur with three dimensional textures
A round trip to B-splines via de Casteljau
Good vibrations: modal dynamics for graphics and animation
Guaranteed ray intersections with implicit surfaces
Discrete smooth interpolation
Curvature continuity and offsets for piecewise conics
Obtaining machine readable computer graphics bibliographics
Multiple-knot and rational cubic beta-splines
The circle-brush algorithm
Intersection algorithms for lines and circles
Active zones in CSG for accelerating boundary evaluation, redundancy elimination, interference detection, and shading algorithms
A parallel B-spline surface fitting algorithm
Ausgraph88 in Melbourne, Australia
Comic book review: Mike Saenz's iron man crash
The standards pipeline
Member survey: interested in SIGFORTH?
Update requested for arts education directory
An evaluation of the ninth SOSP submissions or how (and how not) to write a good systems paper
Color gamut mapping and the printing of digital color images
Re: additional reference to "marching cubes"
From the editor
How to obtain graphics interface and eurographics conference proceedings
Reviewers needed for computer graphics
A window-based graphics frame store architecture
Report on SIG discretionary funding
A video adjunt to transactions on graphics
Educational resource grant recipients
Call for submissions: transactions on graphics interactive techniques notebook
Local groups steering committee formed
Formal specification of a small example based on GKS
Composing Bézier simplexes
Multiprocessor experiments for high-speed ray tracing
The standards pipeline
PHIGS+ functional description revision
Extending graphics standards to meet industry requirements (panel session)
A progressive refinement approach to fast radiosity image generation
A hand biomechanics workstation
An efficient algorithm for finding the CSG representation of a simple polygon
Proceedings of the 15th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
A recursive evaluation algorithm for a class of Catmull-Rom splines
Terrain simulation using a model of stream erosion
Parallel processing for computer vision and display (panel session)
Hierarchical B-spline refinement
Designing effective pictures: is photographic realism the only answer? (panel session)
Virtual graphics
Screen PostScript (panel session)
A rendering algorithm for visualizing 3D scalar fields
The motion dynamics of snakes and worms
Subanosecond pixel rendering with million transistor chips
Computer graphics and the changing methodology for artists and designers (panel session)
Volume rendering
What can we learn by benchmarking graphics systems? (panel session)
Media technology (panel session)
Intensity fluctuations and natural texturing
Getting graphics in gear: graphics and dynamics in driving simulation
Collision Detection and Response for Computer Animation
The triangle processor and normal vector shader: a VLSI system for high performance graphics
Rendering trimmed NURBS with adaptive forward differencing
A display system for the Stellar graphics supercomputer model GS1000
User interface toolkits; present and future (panel session)
Four paths to computer animation: entertainment, broadcast, education and science - will their future converge? (panel session)
V-buffer: visible volume rendering
Software directions for scientific visualization (panel session)
A modeling system based on dynamic constraints
High-performance polygon rendering
Spacetime constraints
Plant models faithful to botanical structure and development
Development models of herbaceous plants for computer imagery purposes
The reality of computer graphics in the motion picture industry (panel session)
Graphical search and replace
X Window System (panel session)
A ray tracing solution for diffuse interreflection
Applications of computer graphics to the visualization of meteorological data
A study in interactive 3-D rotation using 2-D control devices
Constant-time filtering with space-variant kernels
Harnessing chaos for image synthesis
Motion interpolation by optimal control
ConMan: a visual programming language for interactive graphics
Hardware strategies for scientific visualization (panel session): 58
Reconstruction filters in computer-graphics
Realistic animation of rigid bodies
A parallel algorithm for polygon rasterization
A new radiosity approach by procedural refinements for realistic image sythesis
Constraints methods for flexible models
Modeling inelastic deformation: viscolelasticity, plasticity, fracture
Computer graphics curricula: a survey of PhD granting departments
The Computational Geometry Column #4
Conditions for tangent plane continuity over recursively generated B-spline surfaces
A decomposable algorithm for contour surface display generation
Federal funding in computer science: a preliminary report
On the power of the frame buffer
1987 Steven A. Coons award lecture
Directory of educational discounts, donations and grants
Workshop on environments for computational mathematics
Graphics goodies #2—a simple, versatile procedural texture
Charcoal sketching: returning control to the artist
A hierarchical boundary model for solid object representation
Geometric continuity, shape parameters, and geometric constructions for Catmull-Rom splines
Line drawings of octree-represented objects
Definition of visualization
Domain of visualization
Recommendations for a ViSC initiative
Industrial competitiveness
Scientific and engineering research opportunities
Visualization environments: short-term potential
Visualization environments: long-term goals
Graphics goodies #1—a filling algorithm for arbitrary regions
An enhanced treatment of hidden lines
1987 Computer graphics education directory
Digital halftones by dot diffusion
Computational Geometry Column #3
Geometric approaches to nonplanar quadric surface intersection curves
A two-pass solution to the rendering equation: A synthesis of ray tracing and radiosity methods
Marching cubes: A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm
FRAMES: Software tools for modeling, rendering and animation of 3D scenes
Generating antialiased images at low sampling densities
A muscle model for animation three-dimensional facial expression
Flocks, herds and schools: A distributed behavioral model
An efficient new algorithm for 2-D line clipping: Its development and analysis
Rendering antialiased shadows with depth maps
Efficient algorithms for 3D scan-conversion of parametric curves, surfaces, and volumes
GRAPE: An environment to build display processes
Energy constraints on parameterized models
1987 Stephen A. Coon's Award
Ray tracing complex models containing surface tessellations
Real-time manipulation of texture-mapped surfaces
The Reyes image rendering architecture
Bidirectional reflection functions from surface bump maps
Direct least-squares fitting of algebraic surfaces
Character generation under grid constraints
Principles of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation
Set operations on polyhedra using binary space partitioning trees
Proceedings of the 14th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Adaptive forward differencing for rendering curves and surfaces
Controlling dynamic simulation with kinematic constraints
Principles and applications of pencil tracing
A parallel processor architecture for graphics arithmetic operations
The zonal method for calculating light intensities in the presence of a participating medium
Elastically deformable models
Planar 2-pass texture mapping and warping
Fast ray tracing by ray classification
A shading model for atmospheric scattering considering luminous intensity distribution of light sources
Discrete Beta-splines
Boundary evaluation of non-convex primitives to produce parametric trimmed surfaces
Shading bicubic patches
Ray tracing JELL-OTM Brand Gelatin
Rectangular convolution for fast filtering of characters
Accurate triangulations of deformed, intersecting surfaces
Modeling the effect of the atmosphere on light
Generalized stochastic subdivision
Corrigendum: Ray tracing generalized cylinders
Modeling and rendering waves: wave-tracing using beta-splines and reflective and refractive texture mapping.
From the editor
Producing and directing the traveling show
Computer graphics for the arts, computer graphics for the arts, architecture and design
Pagemaker profile
Design seminar
From spreadsheet data to elegant presentations
A new image for the database
Report on CHI + GI '87
The standards pipeline
Inside the Apple IIGS
Computer graphics literature for 1986: a bibliography
An object-oriented construction and tool kit for human-computer communication
Tools and methodology for user interface development
Transformations on a formal specification of user-computer interfaces
Some important features and issues in user interface management systems
Directions for user interface management systems research
Gaining general acceptance for UIMSs
Larger issues in user interface management
Multi-process structuring of user interface software
The Computational Geometry Column #2
Reference models, window systems, and concurrency
A new local basis for designing with tensioned splines
Bibliography of software tools for user interface development
UIMS support for direct manipulation interfaces
An experimental comparison of RGB, YIQ, LAB, HSV, and opponent color models
Dialogue management for gestural interfaces
Multi-thread input
Collaboration of UIMS designers and human factors specialists
Goals and objectives for user interface software
The run-time structure of UIMS-supported applications
The incrementor: a graphical technique for manipulating parameters
Book Reviews: 4 books on the topic of: Role and application of computer graphics in non-computer-science related engineering education.
Visions of mind
TV needs MTV like MTV needs computers
Weighted bicubic spline interpolation to rapidly varying data
Polyhedral subdivision methods for free-form surfaces
Computer graphics as artistic expression
Why it isn't art yet
Worst-case optimal hidden-surface removal
Computer aesthetics: new art experience, or the seduction of the masses
MIKE: the menu interaction kontrol environment
Constraint-based tools for building user interfaces
The Standards Pipeline
Computer graphics course recommendations in computer science education
A specification language for direct-manipulation user interfaces
An object-oriented user interface management system
A radiosity method for non-diffuse environments
Modeling waves and surf
Automated conversion of curvilinear wire-frame models to surface boundary models; a topological approach
Ray tracing deformed surfaces
Atmospheric illumination and shadows
Constructive solid geometry for polyhedral objects
Ray tracing parametric surface patches utilizing numerical techniques and ray coherence
Continuous tone representation of three-dimensional objects illuminated by sky light
Hairy brushes
Fast constructive-solid geometry display in the pixel-powers graphics system
Image rendering by adaptive refinement
Combining physical and visual simulation—creation of the planet Jupiter for the film “2010”
The synthesis of cloth objects
Two bit/pixel full color encoding
Filtering by repeated integration
A simple model of ocean waves
The rendering equation
A montage method: the overlaying of the computer generated images onto a background photograph
An adaptive subdivision method for surface-fitting from sampled data
Proceedings of the 13th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Real-time shaded NC milling display
Managing geometric complexity with enhanced procedural models
A consistent hierarchical representation for vector data
Real time design and animation of fractal plants and trees
Fast Phong shading
Adaptive precision in texture mapping
The definition and rendering of terrain maps
Creating highly-interactive and graphical user interfaces by demonstration
A multitasking switchboard approach to user interface management
Anti-aliasing in topological color spaces
A fast shaded-polygon renderer
A differential compiler for computer animation
Ray tracing complex scenes
Free-form deformation of solid geometric models
A personal view of progress in computer aided design
Rooms: the use of multiple virtual workspaces to reduce space contention in a window-based graphical user interface
A survey of three dialogue models
Supporting concurrency, communication, and synchronization in human-computer interaction—the Sassafras UIMS
Computer graphic standards
Traveling the newest computer art exhibition
Graphics standards: a personal assessment
The X window system
Automating the design of graphical presentations of relational information
An object-oriented approach to graphical interfaces
A tutorial on developing a computer-controlled camera system
Careers in computer graphics
Boolean operations of 2-manifolds through vertex neighborhood classification
An experimental evaluation of computer graphics imagery
Stochastic sampling in computer graphics
Computer graphics education directory
Book Reviews
CHI '85 report
Graphics standards bindings — what are they and when can we use them?
Report on the first annual symposium on computational geometry
Texts and books in computer graphics
The application of scene synthesis techniques to the display of multidimensional image data
Ray tracing generalized cylinders
Projective transformations of the parameter of a Bernstein-Bézier curve
On ray tracing parametric surfaces
Proceedings of the 12th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Fast image generation of construcitve solid geometry using a cellular array processor
There's more to menu systems than meets the screen
Anisotropic reflection models
Construction of fractal objects with iterated function systems
Font formats (panel session)
Perspective—computer graphics in Europe and Japan (panel session)
Input/output linkage in a user interface management system
Solid texturing of complex surfaces
Aesthetics of computer graphics (panel session)
Storing a collection of polygons using quadtrees
Parametric keyframe interpolation incorporating kinetic adjustment and phrasing control
Sizing the market (panel session): where do all those numbers come from?
Techniques for conic splines
A two-and-a-half-D motion-blur algorithm
Juno, a constraint-based graphics system
Integrated analytic spatial and temporal anti-aliasing for polyhedra in 4-space
Continuous tone representation of three-dimensional objects taking account of shadows and interreflection
The drawing prism: a versatile graphic input device
An image synthesizer
Issues and techniques in touch-sensitive tablet input
The hemi-cube: a radiosity solution for complex environments
Fast spheres, shadows, textures, transparencies, and imgage enhancements in pixel-planes
Computer graphics technology (panel session)
The creation of new kinds of interactive environments in art, education, and entertainment (panel session)
Statistically optimized sampling for distributed ray tracing
Geometric modeling of solid objects by using a face adjacency graph representation
Blend surfaces for set theoretic volume modelling systems
Computational modeling for the computer animation of legged figures
Animated computer graphics in television broadcasting (panel session)
Approximate and probabilistic algorithms for shading and rendering structured particle systems
Antialiasing through stochastic sampling
Efficient alias-free rendering using bit-masks and look-up tables
Animating rotation with quaternion curves
Issues at the interface (panel session): an historical trace of prompting, concurrency, signification and ease of use
Algorithms for degree-raising of splines
A unified approach to interference problems using a triangle processor
Modeling the mighty maple
An automatic beautifier for drawings and illustrations
Compositing 3-D rendered images
Squeak: a language for communicating with mice
Fundamental algorithms (panel session): retrospect and prospect
Bounding ellipsoids for ray-fractal intersection
Bintrees, CSG trees, and time
Visual simulation of clouds
The University of Alberta user interface management system
Solid modeling with hardware (panel session)
Real-time simulation in the real world (panel session)
Illicit expressions in vector algebra
Shading models for point and linear sources
Primitives for the manipulation of general subdivisions and the computation of Voronoi
Curve-drawing algorithms for Raster displays
Incremental linear interpolation
Markov chains and computer aided geometric design:  Part II—examples and subdivision matrices
Object representation by means of nonminimal division quadtrees and octrees
An update on GKS: the final changes
Guest Editor's Introduction to Special Issue on Computational Geometry
Automatic finite-element mesh generation from geometric models—A point-based approach
Convex Decomposition of Simple Polygons
The window controller
Geometric structures for three-dimensional shape representation
Markov chains and computer-aided geometric design: part I - problems and constraints
Pushdown automata for user interface management
Ray tracing objects defined by sweeping planar cubic splines
A new point-location algorithm and its practical efficiency: comparison with existing algorithms
Triangulating Simple Polygons and Equivalent Problems
Triangulation and shape-complexity
The Brush-Trajectory Approach to Figure Specification:  Some Algebraic Solutions
Draft Proposed: American National Standard—Graphical Kernel System
A multiple track animator system for motion synchronization (abstract only)
Automatic synthesis of graphical object descriptions
Knowledge-based animation (abstract only)
Motion analysis of grammatical processes in a visual-gestural language (abstract only)
On the estimation of dense displacement vector fields from image sequences (abstract only)
Structured Graphics for Distributed Systems
Proceedings of the 11th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
The storage, retrieval and display of integrated graphics and text (Panel)
Computer graphics research in Japanese Universities
Motion graphics, description and control
Distributed ray tracing
The role and reality of graphics standards (Panel)
Plants, fractals, and formal languages
Determining motion parameters for scenes with translation and rotation (abstract only)
Computing in the fast lane (Panel): Supersystems for computer graphics
Invisibility coherence for faster scan-line hidden surface algorithms
3D balance in legged locomotion: modeling and simulation for the one-legged case (abstract only)
"Graphical marionette" (abstract only)
Interpolating splines with local tension, continuity, and bias control
Complex logarithmic mapping and the focus of expansion (abstract only)
Computer graphics in commercial and broadcast production (Panel)
Tracking three dimensional moving light displays (abstract only)
Improved Computational Methods for Ray Tracing
A hardware stochastic interpolator for raster displays
A programmer's interface to graphics dynamics
The perception of coherent motion in two-dimensional patterns (abstract only)
Trends in semiconductor hardware for graphics systems (Panel)
A family of new algorithms for soft filling
Summed-area tables for texture mapping
Simulation of natural scenes using textured quadric surfaces
Coherent global motion percepts from stochastic local motions (abstract only)
Determining 3-D motion parameters of a rigid body: a vector-geometrical approach (abstract only)
Perception of rotation in depth: the psychophysical evidence (abstract only)
Motion from continuous or discontinuous arrangements
A retrospective (Panel): Six perennial issues in computer graphics
The A -buffer, an antialiased hidden surface method
Ray tracing of Steiner patches
Representing and reasoning about change (abstract only)
Efficient octree conversion by connectivity labeling
Perceiving and recovering structure from events (abstract only)
Adapting optical-flow to measure object motion in reflectance and x-ray image sequences (abstract only)
A New Concept and Method for Line Clipping
Compositing digital images
Nova*gks, a distributed implementation of the Graphical Kernel System
Shade trees
Vax Station: A General-Purpose Raster Graphics Architecture
International technology transfer (Panel)
Computer-integrated manufacturing in Japan (Panel)
Determining the instantaneous axis of translation from optic flow generated by arbitrary sensor motion (abstract only)
GKS for imaging
Manipulating simulated objects with real-world gestures using a force and position sensitive screen
Chap - a SIMD graphics processor
Real and apparent motion: one mechanism or two? (abstract only)
Multicomputer architectures for real-time perception (abstract only)
The scope of motion research: from image intensity changes to semantic abstractions
An adaptive subdivision algorithm and parallel architecture for realistic image synthesis
Selective attention to aspects of motion configurations: common vs. relative motion (abstract only)
Texture synthesis for digital painting
Motion and time-varying imagery
Ray tracing with cones
Modeling the interaction of light between diffuse surfaces
Global and local deformations of solid primitives
Computing the velocity field along contours (abstract only)
Priority windows: A device independent, vector oriented approach
A parallel processor system for three-dimensional color graphics
A hybrid approach to structure-from-motion (abstract only)
The cross-ratio and the perception of motion and structure (abstract only)
Optical flow
Beam tracing polygonal objects
A system for algorithm animation
International market opportunities (Panel)
Microcomputer graphics (Panel)
An analytic visible surface algorithm for independent pixel processing
Ray tracing volume densities
Best approximate circles on integer grids
Efficient polygon-filling algorithms for raster displays
A multiresolution spline with application to image mosaics
Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Curve-fitting with piecewise parametric cubics
Artists interfacing with technology: Basic concepts of digital creation
Japanese computer graphics: Challenges and opportunities
Solid modeling (Panel Session): A user perspective
Computer graphics and visual designers (Panel Session)
An inexpensive scheme for calibration of a colour monitor in terms of CIE standard coordinates
Solid model input through orthographic views
An Algorithm for Filling Regions on Graphics Display Devices
Graphical style towards high quality illustrations
Particle systems—a technique for modeling a class of fuzzy objects
Pyramidal parametrics
Solid modeling(Panel Session)
Localized set operations for solid modeling
SYNGRAPH: A graphical user interface generator
Local control of bias and tension in beta-splines
Interactive image query system using progressive transmission
Spatial input/display correspondence in a stereoscopic computer graphic work station
New Techniques for Ray Tracing Procedurally Defined Objects
Anti-aliased line drawing using brush extrusion
Techniques for Reducing Pen Plotting Time
The simulation of natural phenomena (Panel Session)
Temporal anti-aliasing in computer generated animation
Lighting controls for synthetic images
A device-independent network graphics system
Computer graphics in higher education (Panel Session)
Minimal GKS
New techniques for ray tracing procedurally defined objects
A graphics editor for benesh movement notation
Topologically reliable display of algebraic curves
Geometric modelling and display primitives towards specialised hardware
Graphics in overlapping bitmap layers
Three dimensional computer graphics for craniofacial surgical planning and evaluation
An Integer Method for the Graphical Output of Conic Sections
INCENSE: A system for displaying data structures
Edge Inference with Applications to Antialiasing
Towards a comprehensive user interface management system
Japanese computer graphics (Panel Session): Challenges and opportunities
Computer graphic modeling of american sign language
A parallel scan conversion algorithm with anti-aliasing for a general-purpose ultracomputer
Ramifications of CAD/CAM on the automotive supplier community (Panel Session)
Modeling motion blur in computer-generated images
Artificial texturing: An aid to surface visualization
A core graphics environment for teletext simulations
Ray tracing algebraic surfaces
Design of solids with free-form surfaces
Technical implications of proposed graphics standards (Panel Session)
A scan-line hidden surface removal procedure for constructive solid geometry
Near real-time shaded display of rigid objects
Advances in new display technology (Panel Session)
Particle Systems—a Technique for Modeling a Class of Fuzzy Objects
Local Control of Bias and Tension in Beta-splines
Guest Editor Introduction
Graphics in overlapping bitmap layers
Graphics programming independent of interaction techniques and styles
Quantitative Analysis of Vector Graphics System Performance
The 8 by 8 display
Automatic generation of interactive systems
Curve Fitting with Conic Splines
A catalogue of graphical interaction techniques
Managing graphical resources
Lexical and pragmatic considerations of input structures
Graphical input interaction technique (GIIT)
Laboratory for computer graphics & spatial analysis
Hidden Line Elimination in Projected Grid Surfaces
Using program transformations to derive line-drawing algorithms
Proceedings of the 9th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Graphic input interaction techniques(Panel Session)
Graphics standards for three-dimensional modelling
Ray tracing parametric patches
Approaches to solid modelling (Panel Session)
A Metafile for efficient sequential and random display of graphics
The device model of interaction
Professional Workstations (Panel Session)
An algorithm and data structure for 3D object synthesis using surface patch intersections
The graphics CAD/CAM industry(Panel Session): Financial perspectives
Path specification and path coherence
The role of videotex (Panel Session)
Graphics standardization
MAPQUERY: Data base query language for retrieval of geometric data and their graphical representation
An inversion algorithm for geometric models
Scanline rendering of parametric surfaces
3D Galatea: Entry of three-dimensional moving points from multiple perspective views
The Geometry Engine: A VLSI Geometry System for Graphics
Author index
Special purpose automatic programming for hidden surface elimination
A new general triangulation method for planar contours
A language for bitmap manipulation
A generalization of algebraic surface drawing
Clamping: A method of antialiasing textured surfaces by bandwidth limiting in object space
An interactive graphics environment for architectural energy simulation
A rectangular area filling display system architecture
The detailed semantics of graphics input devices
A user interface management system
Star graphics: An object-oriented implementation
Color image quantization for frame buffer display
Context-sensitive, graphic presentation of information
Graphical tools for interactive image interpretation
The challenge of CAD/CAM education
Generation and display of geometric fractals in 3-D
Anti-Aliasing through the Use of Coordinate Transformations
A morphological study of the form of nature
A contour display generation algorithm for VLSI implementation
The impact of graphics standards an American point of view (Panel Session)
FLAIR - user interface dialog design tool
Health & safety issues in computer graphics (Panel Session)
Computer animation with scripts and actors
Speech recognition as a computer graphics input technique (Panel Session)
A language for bitmap manipulation
Light reflection functions for simulation of clouds and dusty surfaces
Presidents' forum: Current issues in Computer Graphics
A conceptual model of raster graphics systems
The message is the medium: Multiprocess structuring of an interactive paint program
Editor's Introduction
Anti-aliasing through the use of coordinate transformations
Creating volume models from edge-vertex graphs
A device independent graphics imaging model for use with raster devices
Business graphics(Panel Session): What is it?
A Generalization of Algebraic Surface Drawing
A more flexible image generation environment
Overview of the University of Pennsylvania CORE system: standard graphics package implementation
Perspective mapping of planar textures
Synthetic Image Generation with a Lens and Aperture Camera Model
Graphics Programming Using a Database System with Dependency Declarations
Sizing and Positioning Rectangles
Frame-to-frame coherence and the hidden surface computation: constraints for a convex world
The Rack
A High-Level Language for Specifying Pictures
Guest Editor's Introduction
A Visible Polygon Reconstruction Algorithm
An experimental system for creating and presenting interactive graphical documents
Editor's Introduction
A Reflectance Model for Computer Graphics
A Software Testbed for the Development of 3D Raster Graphics Systems
Calculation of B-spline surfaces using digital filters
Touch sensitive graphics terminal applied to process control
Computer-aided definition, manipulation and depiction of objects composed of spheres
A multi-processor system for hidden-surface-removal
A low-cost interactive computer-driven full-color raster-scan display system
Graphical data structures
A Pascal implementation of the GSPC Core Graphics package
Proceedings of the 8th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Filtering edges for gray-scale displays
Animating facial expressions
Filtering high quality text for display on raster scan devices
Merging and transformation of raster images for cartoon animation
Video Panel Session on Interactive Systems
Presidents' Forum
DATAPLOT—an interactive high-level language for graphics, non-linear fitting, data analysis, and mathematics
A visible polygon reconstruction algorithm
Inbetweening for computer animation utilizing moving point constraints
Two aspects of domain designing: C@@@@ curve rendering and blended map projections
The George Washington University Core System implementation
A methodology for the specification of graphical user interface
An integrated system for creating and presenting complex computer-based documents
Creating repeating hyperbolic patterns
An attribute binding model
A VLSI architecture for updating raster-scan displays
Contour filling in raster graphics
A software test-bed for the development of 3-D raster graphics systems
Vectorized procedural models for natural terrain: Waves and islands in the sunset
ANSI X3H3 Technical Committee on Computer Graphics (Panel Discussion)
GRAMPS - A graphics language interpreter for real-time, interactive, three-dimensional picture editing and animation
Gaze-orchestrated dynamic windows
Variational geometry in computer-aided design
Towards a laboratory instrument for motion analysis
Tablet-based valuators that provide one, two, or three degrees of freedom
A frame buffer system with enhanced functionality
A computer aid for man machine modelling
Austere C3 graphics
Effective use of color in computer graphics
A reflectance model for computer graphics
An application of color graphics to the display of surface curvature
A system design revolution (Panel Session)
Parallel processing image synthesis and anti-aliasing
A lens and aperture camera model for synthetic image generation
Frame-to-frame coherence and the hidden surface computation: Constraints for a convex world
3D graphics and the wave theory
Shading of regions on vector display devises
A method of interactive visualization of CAD surface models on a color video display
"Methodology in computer graphics" re-examined
The requirement for process structured graphics systems
Surface definition for branching, contour-defined objects
Construction and display of three-dimensional polygonal-histograms
Design considerations for Picture Production in a Natural Language graphics system
A hierarchical model of a graphics system
The SPOT system: a method of numerically specifying spatial configuration
Boundary detection in 3-dimensions with a medical application
A transformation structure for animated 3-D computer graphics
Computer-aided definition, manipulation and depiction of objects composed of spheres
Hidden surface elimination for complex graphical scenes
A solution to surface connectivity problems in computer-aided design
Reversed apparent movement and erratic motion with many refreshes per update
A high-speed interface to Tektronix 401x series terminals
A two-dimensional, level 2 core system for the Apple II
Proceedings of the 7th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
The theory, design, implementation and evaluation of a three-dimensional surface detection algorithm
Polygon comparison using a graph representation
Stochastic modeling in computer graphics
Creating polyhedral stellations
PICTUREBALM: A LISP-based graphics language system with flexible syntax and hierarchical data structure
Computer rendering of fractal curves and surfaces Editorial Note: Page(s) are missing from this article's PDF file. We are attempting to locate an issue to correct
Computer graphics moves into the business world (Panel Session)
Acoustic radar graphic input device
Computer-assisted chart making from the graphic designer's perspective
Dynamic scan-converted images with a frame buffer display device
A structure from manipulation for text-graphic objects
Real time animation playback on a frame store display system
The workstation concept of GKS and the resulting conceptual differences to the GSPC core system
Integrating solid image capability into a general purpose calligraphic graphics package
Color graphics for remote teaching
Techniques for interactive raster graphics
Interactive computer graphics at Ford Motor Company
Stereographic displays of atmospheric model data
A linear time exact hidden surface algorithm
Movie-maps: An application of the optical videodisc to computer graphics
Perceptual color spaces for computer graphics
Computer graphics in television (Panel Session)
Stochastic modeling in computer graphics
Special problems in human movement simulation
BUMPS: A program for animating projections
Simulation and expected performance analysis of multiple processor Z-buffer systems
Prototyping and simulation tools for user/computer dialogue design
Special session on effective information presentation techniques
QUADRIL: A computer language for the description of quadric-surface bodies
Adaptation of scan and slit-scan techniques to computer animation
ATLAS: A geographic database system data structure and language design for geographic information
A 3-dimensional representation for fast rendering of complex scenes
Graphics standards status report (Panel Session)
Procedure models for generating three-dimensional terrain
Filling regions in binary raster images: A graph-theoretic approach
The user's view of CAD/CAM (Panel Session)
Application of graphical interaction to the analysis of radio astronomy data
B-spline surfaces for ship hull design
On visible surface generation by a priori tree structures
High-performance raster graphics for microcomputer systems
“Put-that-there”: Voice and gesture at the graphics interface
A modular data terminal for Indian languages
Optical printing in computer animation
A prototype Spatial Data Management System
Computer rendering of fractal curves and surfaces
Human vision, anti-aliasing, and the cheap 4000 line display
Graphic analysis and planning of electrical distribution systems
Real-time raster scan unit with improved picture quality
The display of characters using gray level sample arrays
The integration of subjective and objective data in the animation of human movement
Atlas supplement to the 1972 County and City Data Book
Natural and efficient viewing parameters
Synthetic texturing using digital filters
Trends in high performance graphic systems(Panel Session)
Continuous anti-aliased rotation and zoom of raster images
3-D transformations of images in scanline order
Proposed bylaws of the Special interest Group on Computer Graphics of the Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. Adopted: Oct. 30, 1979
Interactive computer graphics with the UNIX time-sharing system
Implementations of the Core
Design of an Algol68 extension for graphics
An improved economic design for a display processor intermixing refresh and storage graphics
Rapid raster ellipsoid shading
Some issues in interactive programming revisited
Logical pick device simulation algorithms for the core system
Current literature in computer graphics and interactive techniques: references
Device independent and decentralized graphic systems
Roster of graphic languages and general subroutine packages
Status report of the graphic standards planning committee
Proceedings of the 6th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
A response to the 1977 GSPC Core Graphics System
The Number Wheel: A tablet based valuator for interactive three-dimensional positioning
Aspects of quality in the design and production of text
Graphical human interface to a neutral beam system
A building block approach to color graphics
An interactive documentation system
Computer graphics for large scale two- and three-dimensional analysis of complex geometries
Special session on large scale applications of computer charting and mapping in industry (Panel Session)
A fast scan-line algorithm for rendering parametric surfaces
Interactive color map displays of domestic information
The semantics of graphical input
Implementation of an interactive computer graphics environment at NASA/JSC
Raster graphics for interactive programming environments
Stereoscopic computer graphics for simulation and modeling
Computer drafting of stones, wood, plant and ground materials
A colour display unit for a 21-channel EEG-monitor
Predetermining visibility priority in 3-D scenes (Preliminary Report)
A tutorial on compensation tables
Parallel processing techniques for hidden surface removal
The shaded surface display of large molecules
Human vision and computer graphics
A terrain and cloud computer image generation model
An improved illumination model for shaded display
On the rendering of surfaces
Some principles for the effective display of data
Digital video display systems and dynamic graphics
ATOMLLL: ATOMS with shading and highlights
A network graphical conferencing system
A general purpose graphic system for computer aided design
Automatic extraction of Irregular Network digital terrain models
Movies from music: Visualizing musical compositions
ISOSRF—an algorithm for plotting Iso-valued surfaces of a function of three variables
Towards an interactive high visual complexity animation system
An algorithmic approach to controlling search in three-dimensional image data
Color table animation
Transparency for computer synthesized images
Some raster graphics extensions to the Core System
SoftCel - an application of raster scan graphics to conventional cel animation
An algorithm for shading of regions on vector display devices
The haloed line effect for hidden line elimination.
Tint fill
Smoothly shaded renderings of polyhedral objects on raster displays
Generating smooth 2-D monocolor line drawings on video displays
A core viewing system for APL
The procedural approach to interactive design graphics
Hidden line elimination and topographic representation
Device-independent intermediate display files
Fast digital vector- and circle generator with binary rate
A survey of some FORTRAN implementations of the Core System
The AGF plotfile: towards a standardization for storage and transportation of graphics information
The relation between perspective and photographic transform
Core System implementations: a status report
Position paper on graphics standards
Spherical shading
Interaction with a color computer graphics system for archaeological sites
Color gamut transform pairs
Computer Generation of Texture Using a Syntactic Approach
Making nested rotations convenient for the user
Color spaces for computer graphics
A microcomputer based system for automated pattern digitization and editing
User performance under several automated approaches to changing displayed maps
A scan line algorithm for computer display of curved surfaces
Computer generated images for medical applications
The use of grayscale for improved raster display of vectors and characters
A microprocessor-assisted graphics system
Application of shape-preserving spline interpolation to interactive editing of photogrammetric data
The PADL-1.0/2 system for defining and displaying solid objects
Characterizing non-ideal shapes in terms of dimensions and tolerances
A generalized graphic preprocessor for two-dimensional finite element analysis
A scan line algorithm for displaying parametrically defined surfaces
Spatial management of information
Conversion of complex contour line definitions into polygonal element mosaics
Computer graphics in support of Space Shuttle simulation
A flexible, high performance interactive graphics system
The effect of System Response Time on interactive computer aided problem solving
A unified approach to geometric modelling
Polygon shadow generation
GAIN: An interactive program for teaching interactive computer graphics programming
Object models for computer aided design: An overview
Core standard graphic package for the VGI 3400
A fixed grid curve representation for efficient processing
The problems of computer-assisted animation
An interactive graphics application to advanced aircraft design
Towards the design of an intrinsically graphical language
Algorithms for image/vector conversion
How to color in a coloring book
One-point touch input of vector information for computer displays
A hidden-surface algorithm with anti-aliasing
On storing and changing shape information
Comparing figures by regression
A graphics-based programming-support system
System design and implementation of BGRAF2
A sensor simulation and animation system
A chip for low-cost raster-scan graphic display
A high performance graphics system for the CRAY-1
Casting curved shadows on curved surfaces
Dynamic graphics using quasi parallelism
TIGS: An overview of the terminal independent graphics system
The interactive digitizing of polygons and the processing of polygons in a relational database
The development of three-dimensional spatial modeling techniques for the construction planning of nuclear power plants
Proceedings of the 5th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Clipping using homogeneous coordinates
Definition and use of higher-level graphics input tools
DIGRAF—a FORTRAN implementation of the proposed GSPC standard
Hidden line removal for vector graphics
3-D graphic display of discrete spatial data by prism maps
NUDES 2: A numeric utility displaying ellipsoid solids, version 2
Simulation of wrinkled surfaces
A system for interactive modeling of physical curved surface objects
BASIC Zgrass—a sophisticated graphics language for the Bally Home Library Computer
On display of space filling atomic models in real-time
Three-dimensional representations for computer graphics and computer vision
Texture tile considerations for raster graphics
A fast and economic scan-to-line-conversion algorithm
Data structures for picture processing
A microprocessor display controller for combining refresh and storage tube graphics
A scan line algorithm for computer display of curved surfaces
A scan line algorithm for displaying parametrically defined surfaces
Ansi study group working paper: "The Background of Computer Graphics Standardization"
Final report of the GSPC state-of-the-art subcommittee
Dispatching by graphical terminals
Font variations in vector plotter lettering
A language for regular operations in graphics
Improving interaction with a raster display
State-of-the-art of graphic software packages
Visual interaction with overhauser curves and surfaces
A system for sculpting 3-D data
Dynamic modeling
A query language for a network data base with graphical entities
Ways of structuring data within a digital cartographic data base
A system for interactive definition and depiction of sculptured surfaces
GEO-OUEL: a system for the manipulation and display of geographic data
High quality computer animation
Raster-scan hidden surface algorithm techniques
Computer art for computer people - a syllabus
Interactive analysis and display of tabular data
CASS: computer-assisted stereotaxic surgery
An extensible approach to imagery of gridded data
Models of light reflection for computer synthesized pictures
A homogeneous formulation for lines in 3 space
Interactive graphics an aid to health planning and decision making
Hidden surface removal using polygon area sorting
Automated display techniques for linear graphs
Association of graphic images and dynamic attributes
Proceedings of the 4th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
General clipping on an oblique viewing frustrum
Moving, computer-generated images via integral holography
Real-time playback in animation systems
An interactive computer graphics approach to surface representation
Automated contour mapping using triangular element data structures and an interpolant over each irregular triangular domain
Towards a unified approach to 2-D picture manipulation
Real time digital image generation
Line generation for incremental and raster devices
Shadow algorithms for computer graphics
Computer graphics for facilities management
Graphical pre- and post-processor for 2-dimensional finite element method programs
A graph-theoretic real-time visible surface editing technique
GPGS: a device-independent general purpose graphic system for stand-alone and satellite graphics
A color animation system: based on the multiplane technique
Machine-independent metacode translation
On the realism of digitally synthesized images
A simple approach to computer aided milling with interactive graphics
Anima II: a 3-D color animation system
A Fortran IV program to draw enhanced graphic characters
Glide: a language for design information systems
ECOSITE: an application of computer-aided design to the composition of landforms for reclamation
Optimal surface reconstruction from planar contours
A practical approach to implementing line printer graphics
An interdisciplinary laboratory for graphics research and applications
Trans-use of graphics in the study of transformations
The buffalo crime mapping system: a design strategy for the display and analysis of spatially referenced crime data
A graphics subroutine package for the Neuroscience Display Processor
Color jet plotter
Graphics algorithms
Hardware trade-offs in minicomputer graphic systems
Standard input forms for interactive computer graphics
Inexpensive real-time image generation and control
Editing of digital data in the automated cartography system at the US Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories
SIGCHR: a portable character generator
Geographic data bank
A grey-level character set for the production of pictures at a printing terminal
Curve sketching on a teletype
Configurable applications for satellite graphics
Remote programmability of graphic interactions in a host/satellite configuration
Intermixing refresh and direct view storage graphics
Affordability of computer graphics for planning networks in DOD program management
Computer-generated stereograms: a new dimension for the graphic arts
A digital video information storage and retrieval system
Automated contouring of vertical oceanographic sections using an objective analysis
A mobile remote data collection and graphics display station
Interactive skeleton techniques for enhancing motion dynamics in key frame animation
Architecture-by-yourself: an experiment with computer graphics for house design
A summary of graphics terminal requirements based on application studies
The line drawing editor, an experiment in computer vision
Computer-aided coarse grid layout technique for photomasks
Making graphics work
ARTES: an interactive highway design program
Texture and reflection in computer generated images
A parametric algorithm for drawing pictures of solid objects bounded by quadric surfaces
"SGP": a simple graphics package
Animation on a satellite graphics system
A user-oriented computer graphics system
Computer rendering of lobster neurons
Interacting with the GALATEA film analysis system
Controlling user interaction
Proceedings of the 3rd annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Specifying symbol instances
The application of the intercolor 8000 terminal to thematic cartography
Automatic drafting systems: an effective person-machine interface
Experience with distributed processing on a host/satellite graphics system
An interactive computer graphics approach for dissecting a mixture of normal (or lognormal) distributions
Experiments with computer animation
The HRD-1 laser display system
PRIMS: an interactive system for the design of hybrid circuit layout
Characteristics of neuroscience computer graphics displays and a proposed system to generate those displays
A developmental system for microcomputer based intelligent graphics terminals
Graphic and relational data base support for problem solving
A film on schemes for interactive curve design
Three-dimensional man-machine interaction
Computer aided integrated circuit design: a distributed integrated approach
Hierarchical geometric models for visible-surface algorithms
A method for plotting curves defined by implicit equations
The design of a low cost video graphics terminal
Recognition of three-dimensional objects from orthographic views
Graphics for social scientists
A system for interactive acquisition and administration of geometric data for thematic map production
Sequential/parallel matrix picture languages
A conversational extensible system for the animation of shaded images
Quantitative imaging of dynamic structure and function of the heart, lungs and circulation by computerized reconstruction and subtraction techniques
BGRAF2: a real-time graphics language with modular objects and implicit dynamics
Enhanced graphics performance with user controlled segment files
A graphics editor for labanotation
Graphical input through machine recognition of sketches
A computer-terminal, hardware/software system with enhanced user input capabilities: the enhanced-input terminal system (EITS)
Typer: an editor for the online composition of text
On the semantics of the assignment statement of high-level graphical languages
Interactive computer graphics for computer aided design in civil engineering
Cartographic data structures: alternatives for geographic information systems
Interactive simulation of network pumping policies on a computer-based graphics system
On the design and use of graphics-oriented continuous system simulation languages (CSSL)
A high level language extension for creating and controlling dynamic pictures
A preliminary step towards a language for picture control in a real-time mode
DDA: An interactive and extensible language for data display and analysis
A language for two-dimensional digital picture processing
The semantics of graphic input devices
Design, implementation and experiences with a higher-level graphics language for interactive computer-aided design purposes
Control structures for performance graphics
ARTSPEAK: A graphics language for artists
Automatic generation of computer graphics languages
The TV Turtle a Logo graphics system for raster displays
An extended Algol-60 for Shaded Computer Graphics
An interpretive/interactive subroutine system for raster graphics
Picture primitives in device independent graphics systems
A device independent computer plotting system
Methods for specifying display parameters in graphics programming languages
Picture naming and modification: An overview
SUGAR: A high-level programming language for geographical analysis and mapping
A real time three-dimensional color animation system
Display of electrical wave forms from the heart
MINI-EXPLOR: a FORTRAN-coded version of the EXPLOR language for mini (and larger) computers
A polyhedron clipping and capping algorithm and a display system for three dimensional finite element models
Grapheasy: a graphical extension to speakeasy
Digital plotting from a line generator format: an interface
Raster graphics for spatial applications
Multi-dimensional function display using a color scale
Time management in a real-time animation/graphics environment
An area organized data structure for interactive graphics
A terminal-oriented clinical record system
Computer aided design of sculptured surfaces
A schizophrenic system plot package
An experiment in interaction between independent music and graphics processors
Display of two-dimensional functions using grey scale simulated on a bilevel display
Extending the information transfer in multidimensional analysis through the use of interactive graphics
Display of electrical wave forms from the heart
A computer graphics system for modular building elevation design
Proceedings of the 2nd annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Algorithms to reveal graphic terminal characteristics
Design rules checking for integrated circuits using graphical operators
Computer cartography: some critical comments
Device independent graphics software: is it possible??
The computer/plotter and the 17 ornamental design types
The present status of automated cartography
Implementation of a simulated display processor for computer graphics education
At the interface of cartography and computer graphics
WHATSISFACE: human facial composition by computer graphics
Computer animation
Three-dimensional human display model
Computer animation of free form images
A special-purpose computer system for on-line generation and display of "random-dot" stimuli for stereoscopic vision experiments
A graphics operating system
Computer animation at Lawerence Livermore Laboratory
Towards device-independent graphics systems
IMAGE: a language for the interactive manipulation of a graphics environment
On the organization of a remote low cost intelligent graphics terminal
Effective application of computer graphics
ESP3: a high-level graphics language
Wave: interactive color graphics for waveform analysis
On high-level programming systems for structured display programming
Computer animation of the sphere eversion
The development of a dynamic interactive computer graphics research and educational support environment
Configurable applications for graphics employing satellites (CAGES)
A new light pen tracking method
Virtual graphic device
The challenge of computer graphics in Continental Western Europe
Portfolio of shaded computer images
An approach to graphics system design
Building highway systems with computer graphic simulations
Computer graphics and art
Intelligent satellites for interactive graphics
Computer graphics in urban and environmental systems
A network graphics protocol
Computer-encouraged serendipity in pure mathematics
The art of natural graphic man-machine conversation
Iconic representation of the human face with computer graphics
Three-dimensional data input by tablet
Graphics in the BASIC language
Multi-console intelligent satellite graphics
An interactive network graphics system
Methodologies for the cost-benefit analysis of computer graphics systems
Standards for network graphics communications
Interactive computer graphics for assisting human programmers
An interactive design system to be taught 3D graphical-mathematical procedures
CARTE: a thematic mapping program
Graphics for data analysis
An example of a pragmatic approach to portable interactive graphics
An interactive environment for scientific development
Graphics geometric perception and communication
Interactive computer graphics applied to the theoretical aircraft/store separation problem
Traffic analysis and display for the San Francisco vessel traffic system
The MAPEDIT system for automatic map digitization
Graphics in business where we are and where we are going
A man-machine vehicle routing and dispatching system using interactive computer graphics
Interactive analysis and display of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in real time
The design and evaluation of an interactive geo-data analysis and display system
Reducing graphics programming effort through structured support
Graphical language features in ALGOL 68
A graphical programming system with speech input
Real time animation of dynamic processes
A macromodular graphics system for protein structure research
A model for human faces that allows speech synchronized animation
Interacting with discrete simulation using on line graphic animation
TREE: an interactive system for editing tree structures
A graphical display system utilizing plasma panels
The system design for GALATEA, an interactive real-time computer graphics system for movie and video analysis
Practical computer graphics for scientific users
An interactive computer graphics approach to the design of marching band routines
Interactive graphics for transportation systems planning and design
Interactive modeling system for bridges
Graphics in corporate planning: a case study
Data management for an interactive graphics system oriented to planning applications
XPLG: experiences in implementing an experimental interactive graphics programming system
Computer graphics for half-tone three-dimentional object images
Proceedings of the 1st annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques
Occupant model for human motion
List processing primitives for basic
Solution plans and interactive problem solving
The REL animated film language
Computer graphics: whence and hence
Graphics in finance
Computer graphics in simulation of cardiovascular transport phenomena
A general purpose, expandable processor for real-time computer graphics
Computer graphics as a way of life
Graphics in business decision making
Application of three-dimensional interactive graphics in x-ray crystallographic analysis
An image processing approach to computer graphics
Measuring three-dimensional surfaces with a two-dimensional data tablet
Graphical methods used in the numerical solution of Jeffery-Hamel flow at fixed flow rates
An interactive fashion design system "INFADS"
Searching for oil through an interactive graphic terminal
Implementation of transform invoking elements
Report on the first international computer film festival
DRAW: a higher-level language for technical documentation
Keynote address
Where are we?
A language processor for interactive graphics command languages
Where will computer graphics be used in the future?
What is needed?
An experience with plasma panels
A system for graphical communication in a CAI context
Graphics software for BASIC
Data display and analysis
APLBAGS: an APL basic Graphics subroutine package for the tektronix 4013 storage tube terminal
An algorithm to shade a plot
Basic graphics software
MAPS: a generalized image processor
Graphics in APL
A general purpose three dimensional physical modeling program
Computer graphics: capabilities, costs and usefulness
Specifications for standard graphic output subroutines: as proposed by the share standard graphic output language committee
Activities in the area of standards: computer graphics and standards
Programs available from Harvard
A note on fast transmission of shaded pictures
A plea for standards
Computer quantitation of ventricular arrhythmias
A questionnaire
A computer graphics approach for understanding of prosthetic heart valve characteristics
Some problems associated with interactive graphics in computer mediated tutorials
Display requirements for the physician's office
Computer aided study of human locomotion
On-line modeling by curve-fitting
Computer graphics in medicine: Six theses
Interactive computer graphics in medical information retrieval and classification
MARS - Missouri Automated Radiology System, computer graphics in an automated department
Application of an interactive graphics system to the kinematic design of an artificial knee joint
Large-scale numerical problems in biomedical studies
Man and machine in medical electronics
Miscellaneous calls for papers & meeting announcements: Computer representation and manipulation of chemical information
Biological primitives
Interactive computer graphics and macromolecular structures
Symbolic computer graphics and biological models
Application of pattern recognition to shock-Trauma studies
The optical projection display subsystem
Blueprint for an anatomical/surgical computer
Quality control monitoring with a CRT display
KARMA: a system for storyboard animation
A taxonomy of problem solving generality in graphic systems
Generating computer animated movies from a graphic console
Automatic data evaluation, manipulation, display, and plotting with speed
Computer graphics: a concept sale
Interactive graphics at CM Research
Modelaide: a computer graphics program for the evaluation of mathematical models

You can already do some interesting things with this list. For example, earlier I was trying to determine the history of the different spellings of parameterization. From the siggraph titles, I count 19 uses of parameterized, parameterization, parameterizations, and parameterizing. But only 3 uses of parametrization or parametrizations (no body uses parametrized or parametrizing). And 0 uses of any spelling of parameterization in British (e.g. parametrisation).

Update: Thanks Kenshi for noticing that I was missing the nineties.

List all movies ever made (as determined by wikipedia)

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Here’s a php script the grabs a list of all films ever made (according to

  // Returns a string containg the name of every movie (known to wikipedia)                              
  // separated by lines                                                                                  
  function all_movies()                                                                                  
    // List of wiki urls containing lists of movies for each "letter" of alphabet                        
    $urls = array(                                                                                       
    // output string                                                                                     
    $titles = array();                                                                                   
    // Loop over urls                                                                                    
    foreach($urls as $url)                                                                               
      $curl = curl_init();                                                                               
      $buffer = curl_exec($curl);                                                                        
      if (curl_errno($curl))                                                                             
        die ("An error occurred:".curl_error());                                                         
      preg_match_all("/<li><i>(.*)<\/i>.*/", $buffer, $matches);                                         
      foreach ($matches[1] as $title)                                                                    
        $title = html_entity_decode(strip_tags($title));                                                 
    return $titles;                                                                                      
    header ('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');
    echo implode("\n",all_movies());

This defined the function all_movies() and when the above is called directly it lists all the titles as a line in a plain text file.
Try it here

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Decode/unencode/uncode html entities using php as bash one-liner

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Here’s a very simple one-liner that takes input from standard in and decodes html entities:

php -R 'echo html_entity_decode($argn)."\n";'

So this example

echo "&quot;Watson &amp; Crick&quot;" | php -R 'echo html_entity_decode($argn)."\n";'


"Watson & Crick"

Strip html tags using php as bash one-liner

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The following takes input from standard in and strips all html tags

php -R 'echo strip_tags($argn)."\n";'

So this example

echo "<cage who knows why='angelou'>bird</cage>" | php -R 'echo strip_tags($argn)."\n";'



Source: This actually comes straight from the man page for php.

white was all colors once

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

white was all colors once