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Create a low resolution pdf of a LaTeX paper

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Here’re the steps I use to create a low resolution version of a pdf created by LaTeX.

The simple thing to do is to follow the steps to create a camera ready (high res) pdf but replace the JPG settings to downsample the images and perhaps reduce the quality.

If you have a lot of raster images, this will work OK.

However, if you have a lot of vector graphics images or just a lot of images, this will not truly bring down the size of the final pdf.

For this I make sure that all of my \includegraphics commands in LaTeX are of the form:


Notice three things:

  1. the width is explicitly specified,
  2. the figure directory is a command/macro \figs, and
  3. the filename does not have an extension (figure-file-name instead of figure-file-name.pdf)

Then at the beginning of my file I have defined \figs. For the normal high resolution pdf I use:


When I switch to low resolution I use


And before compiling I run the commands:

mkdir -p figs/low-res/
mogrify -colorspace RGB -resize 400x -background white -alpha remove -quality 100 -format jpg -path figs/low-res/ figs/*.{pdf,png}[0]

There are a couple import flags here to ensure that the background is white and only a single output is created for pdfs with accidentally multiple art-boards/pages.