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New ETHZ masters thesis project available: Server-client mesh processing

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

server client mesh processing eth masters project

Olga Sorkine and I will be hosting a master’s thesis project. The project, entitled Server-client mesh processing is now available, and we are eagerly awaiting applications.Many polygon mesh processing techniques are difficult to implement. These techniques often go unseen and unused beyond publication. Others are too computationally intensive for consumer-level laptops, so their use is limited to academic or commercial communities. Fortunately, polygon mesh processing techniques are well-suited for a server-client implementation. Since most techniques need only an input mesh and a few parameters, all computation may be done on a publicly available web server, relying on the client only to upload the input and download the output.

In this project, we will set up the necessary infrastructure on both the server and client end. The client side will be a light-weight, browser-based interface for viewing and uploading 3D surface meshes. The server side will be a clean API to many existing mesh processing implementations (e.g. smooth- ing, curvature computation, tetrahedral volume meshing). With this infrastructure, we will explore geometric data compression specific to each flavor of mesh processing in order to optimize the transfer of output data. We may also use this infrastructure to conduct large scale user-studies via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Such large scale user studies are rarely achieved in the mesh processing community. A server-client infrastructure should finally make human evaluation possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.

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