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Accessing Free Guangzhou Airport Wi-Fi on MacBook Pro

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Guangzhou airport has a crazy way of providing free wifi. If you have a Chinese phone you can receive a login account via text, but if you don’t have a Chinese number, then you have to go to a physical ticket machine, scan your passport, and quickly jot down (or photograph) the code that flashes on the screen for 15 seconds.

Once you have this code, you have to click “Ticket Cert” on the login page and enter the info.

This worked fine for me on my iPhone.

But when I tried to follow the same steps on my laptop, the “Ticket Cert” option did not appear on my browser login prompt. I saw a slightly different page that only had the SMS option (and a bunch of half-loaded CSS and javascript errors).

I tried many things including spoofing the UserAgent on my browser. Nothing seemed to work.

Finally, I changed the MAC address on my laptop to match my already-online iphone’s

ifconfig en0 ether [iphone's "Wi-Fi Address"]

This worked.

PS: So far, I have not managed to get any sort of vpn, proxy or ssh tunnelling to work.

EZproxy bookmarklet

Friday, March 20th, 2015

The columbia proxy/vpn never worked super well for me. Or at least I didn’t try very hard to set it up. I really only need it for viewing academic articles off campus. So usually I just search for it via the columbia library’s website, log in, and retrieve the article. Doing this I noticed that the library is just feeding me the usual link (e.g. from acm dl) but via an “ezproxy”. So becomes

I wrapped this replacement into a javascript bookmarklet.


Now I can follow the google search result, hit this bookmarklet, log in if I haven’t already, and view the articles.