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Plot a bunch of edges in matlab with per-edge color data

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Suppose you have a list of vertices V (#V by dim) and a list of edges E (#E by 2) indexing V, then one hacky to draw all of these edges with per-vertex color data DV (#V by 1) is to use trisurf:

trisurf(E(:,[1 1 2]),V(:,1),V(:,2),V(:,3),'CData',DV,'EdgeColor','interp');

However, if you try to use this trick to draw per-edge color data DE (#E by 1), you’ll find that 'EdgeColor','flat' does not work. Instead you can explode you compact “mesh” of edges into individual edges and repeat you edge color data for each edge point:


Use NaNs to hide faces in matlab trisurf/patch renderings

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

I recently (re)discovered that if you set the ‘CData’ value of a face to nan the face will be hidden. This can sometimes be useful if you want to use the wireframe of a model to give context but focus on just a few faces. Here’s an example:

% selected faces
I = sparse(125,1,1,size(F,1),1);
A = facet_adjacency_matrix(F);
while true
  % Set all but selected to nan
  view(-48,4); set(gca,'Visible','off');apply_ambient_occlusion();
  if nnz(I)==size(F,1);
  I = A*I;

cat nan colors

MATLAB2014b features anti-aliasing

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Finally. I’m pretty happy about the results:

cheburashka with matlab anti-aliasing

[V,F] = load_mesh('/usr/local/igl/libigl/examples/shared/');
AO = ambient_occlusion(V,F,V,per_vertex_normals(V,F),1000);
t = tsurf(F,V,fphong,'EdgeColor','none');
C = squeeze(ind2rgb(floor(matrixnormalize(t.FaceVertexCData)*size(colormap,1))+1,colormap));
t.FaceVertexCData = bsxfun(@times,C,1-AO);
t.SpecularStrength = 0.1;
t.DiffuseStrength = 0.1;
t.AmbientStrength = 0.8;
l = light('Position',[1 1 100],'Style','infinite');
l2 = light('Position',[1 -100 1],'Style','infinite');
set(gca,'XTickLabel',[],'YTickLabel',[],'ZTickLabel',[],'Color',[0.94 0.94 0.94]);

And to spin the camera around:

axis equal
axis vis3d;
for f = 1:numel(T)
  t = T(f);
  frame = getframe(gcf);
  [SIf,cm] = rgb2ind(frame.cdata,256);
  if f == 1
    imwrite(SIf,cm, filename,'WriteMode','append','Delay',0);

With the awesome but now obsolete myaa.m hacked anti-aliasing, creating this gif would have taken many minutes. This runs in real time.

Matlab’s trisurf confuses face colors with vertex colors

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

I recently had trouble getting matlab’s trisurf to display interpolated colors inside each face. I was calling:


But the display looked like flat shading.

The problem turned out to be that I had 9 faces and 9 vertices. In this rare instance matlab decides that the vertex colors (which actually are just the Z coordinates in V(:,3)) should be attached (incorrectly) to the faces and are not interpolatable.

I hacked a fix to this by appending an extra ghost vertex: